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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
dawn pic

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ippun ni ya ・sekai no subete ・hiai kana

in one minute only - the whole world’s sadness

my first impulse was to write here 「一人にや ・ hitori ni ya ・only one man 」...but I said myself,
that would sound too rethorical and far more presumptuous: so I only tried to show the inner
moment I was gifted by my own life, by my own mind maybe, but mostly by such a strange,
slow born, silently growing dawn (yes, the pic was taken at dawn) keeping in it the whole
struggle (sorrow, eariness, pain?) of the universe, all-in-one, that lone mute sitting being.

Current Music: none can be heard ・ no need, for once

mmm che bello!!!!!!!!!!! tutto, anche sto pikkolo rospino tra le pietre... LOOOOOOOOOOL

:D eh eh eh! ;P

una foto bellissima Kamome... di quelle ASSOLUTAMENTE da conservare...!! Come il momento, credo...

thanks, andreij...and thanks as well to that fisherman passin' by,
who put down his octopuses' bucket, dried hands on his trousers'
backend (LOL) and took it so kindly, quickly, perfectly, and with
a deep unforgettable splendid half smile...

poignant, profound, philosophical, poetical, immense beauty of the sea in all of it's simplicity coupled with the philosopher/poet pondering life sittin up on the rocks.

came away feeling awe-struck. You are indeed blessed with nature's endless beauty.

so serene listening to the waves of the sea.

this is a masterpiece, Gabbiano. and a very good morning, or evening or whatever time it is over there yonder.


...OOOOOH...once again, SO big words to SO a little man:
I accept and appreciate ONLY 'cause I can refer'em all to
Sea and Light...yes, wick, this was a masterpiece, but NOT
mine: as I've been saying many times before, I had once
again the luck of sitting here and watch the Being's eyes
to caress and bless the hands of Nature...

In my tears the seas's salt

in one only minute the whole world’s sadness

It would sound better if you said: In ONLY one minute the whole world's sadness.

in my tears the seas' salt.

Re: In my tears the seas's salt

thanks, I hadn't noticed the MENTAL typo...have a look above now, just
modified - and differently, I hope it can sound and work better now...

aiyah yah! beautious maximus! invented word.

the seas hold the world's tears

Re: aiyah yah! beautious maximus! invented word.

yes...Mother Sea, cuddling my breath and soul...

Upon these stones,
the echos of the tide
sink into my soul...
oh sacred, flowing waters;
heal the universe from pain.


I LOVE when my friends reply...their unbelievable skills to make
my poor little things grow higher and deeper are always a HUGE
source of delight and pleasure to me, bette dear...thank you.

This is so calming. I think you have found a beautiful soul searching place.

oh well, 50/12...my WHOLE coast is like that,
a nest for the soul to be born anew every day...

music: Adriano Celentano «ESCO DI RADO»
It is sometimes easier to pick up a melody and only then there are word's…

On a shoulder of the Mother - Earth's...
And in this ascending flow
the still children

I know what you mean...as you can read, I use to add my
personal "inner soundtrack" to every page I post - but,
frankly, there are moments when even the most intense
concert of heaven's angels' choir would be inopportune...

You do reveal he "inner moment" and it is poignant indeed.....!!!

So too,
in the whole world's sorrow;
happiness evolves...