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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Gaia and Gulls

I’m quite sure that this tanka essay is horridly written, and for once even my english
translation sounds to me some "forced and weighty": I'm sorry, I don’t owe as much
(neither as good!) grammar as to dare such a composition...but this sketch, quickly
drawn on a spring after-sunset, jewel-like hour, while my daughter allowed my
seagulls to charm her, keeps for me an unvaluable preciousness.

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haru gogo ni ・ miryousasereta ・ kimi o mite ・ boku mo jubun de ・ miryousareru yo

I allow myself to get enchanted, looking at you enchanted by the spring afternoon

...days later, here too, I add the nice version by Zumi Sensei - wondering
once more how can I make so many and horrible mistakes, so bad student I am...


kono haru no ・ gogo o itoshimu ・ kimi o mite ・ boku no kokoro mo ・ miryousareru yo

Current Music: jobim-mendonça, "meditação"

WoW! Simply amazing and elegant sketch.

how do you sketch yourself? do YOU photograph it first?

oh, naturally NO, wick dear - but after more than
half a century spent with such a bad subject, I came
to know perfectly all his features.... ;D

but after more than
half a century spent with such a bad subject, I came
to know perfectly all his features.... ;D

now, that got me cracking up! half a century?
hmm...it must be the voice of antiquity from across the waves that speaketh Oh! so eloquently in Italian...of course. ROFL. ;)

:D lol!...but I am, unfortunately, 53...grunt! :(

above seagulls' wings
your flapping hand


wavy under seagulls' wings


Nice scetch!

lazy afternoon --
seagulls sharing pizza
with the girl


Re: Nice scetch!

:D ....LOL!....

What a beautiful and dynamic image! Care and tenderness... A lot of love is here, God bless your hearts. Let little flower bloom nice and happy in the shelter of your love.

thanks...I like more than all that DYNAMIC:
it gives back the whole sense of a growing
together, and sheltering one another along
paths of life...thanks once again, dear!

It really does. My pleasure, dear Kamome-san.

light but deep touch

I like this painting very much.
Your touch is light but has deep feeling.
sharp but not meaningless !
Back photo used for frame matched well with the picture.

It is new kind of Sumie with ball pencile.


Re: light but deep touch

「UNI-BALL ultrafine "SIGNO" 0.38」。
私の考えでは,そんな「PENTEL BK77」や「BIC micro」
や「STAEDTLER triplus fineliner」ペンがよりよいのだ。


Re: light but deep touch

Only trial


haru ya haru/ ume miru kimi ni / kokoro toke

spring oh spring
my soul melting at
your dreaming


Re: light but deep touch

oh, THIS is very very NICE, sakuo先生!
thanks for adding your precious haiku
to this post...may I keep it in my own
"collection of pearls"? ・・・どうも


beautiful as usual!)))

;D thanks, I know I'm always beautiful...hee hee hee! :D

What a lovely performance you have captured.

thank, you, dear "50.12" 様...very kind comment.


Gabbiano, please take a look. I happened to stumble onto this page and could not resist but to respond and also told this person that I would like to invite you to her pages.


been there, wick, very many thanks - you were right,
those pages deserve more than one visit! I invited
back her on my page...thanks again.

Gracias, Gabbiano

Gracias, dear Gabbiano. When I spotted the gull's image I could not help myself but to think about you and your fondness & love for gulls.

so, how is the weather where you are at? does it get hot & humid there?

Re: Gracias, Gabbiano

...mmmh, strange season seems to come, wick:
weather is still changing everyday - I hope
we will have a far better summer, GRRR!...