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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

this was – unbelievably, I know – a moonshine, about 23:30 at night...more
than ever rare moment, as by mere chance I happened to drive along the coast
and found myself right around what I use to call my "towernest" - an ancient
watchtower ruin dating back to the IX century, a shelter against saracen’s
incursions, where "my white family" have chosen since ever to settle - so,
can you imagine it? a MOON!...and what an ineffable mood, beyond any
word, any description, any possible picture - oh, how poor, my haiku...

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gakkou o
sorosoro itai
sanbi shite

nearly a pain, what I feel - charmed by this moonlight

...poorer and poorer haiku - some days later, I'm adding the nice, new version written
by the excellent Zumi Sensei, after the (obvious) many corrections to my one...:


itai hodo
kokoro ni sashikomu

Current Music: here, now, I AM pure harmony.
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a most beautiful gift to treasure from the moon!
your haiku is perfect, dear gabbiano :) ...as is this moment...

no, bette dear...NOW, it is perfect - after my friends come and share.

a moonshine??? Wow! Fantastic!

a moonshine -
the castle's embrasures
are reviving

yes, taysha...I dare say MY castle, as you could read above:
it's where I go once a month (no paths to get down there,
just sharp rocks and roughest hill - or reaching it from
the sea) and count/care/soothe/feed my white ones with my
antibiotics vitamins medications...can you feel what I feel,
when I'm there - and when I drive back home totally wet and
dirty, and scratched, wounded, pecked all around.....?
.....welcome, thou nice wings,



Lovely indeed!

moon viewing-
after coming home
nothing to say

~Chiyo-ni (1703 -1775)

thanks, no matter whom to I'm saying!


La foto è semplicemente fantastica e l'haiku è veramente OTTIMO... non so più cosa dire... I'm just speechless-

Re: perfection

well, andy - and sorry for my english speaking, but I'd like
all my LJ friends to be able and read me - once more, I said
to myself "you see? how can you dare think you are any skilled,
after seeing the eyes of Being to bless the hands of Nature?"

my first-formers english :)

лунное сияние
очарован, рассыпаюсь
на молекулы света

moon radiance
(I) charm - myself spill
on molecules of the light

наверно, так правильнее

moon radiance
charmed, I'm falling to
molecules of light


прости, Олеж, не перевела что обещала - была вне цивилизации...
исправлюсь :)
кстати, там часы с кукушкой были? пытаюсь верный эквивалент в инглише найти, не все у них там как у нас...



Re: wonderful!

yes, allina.

This is absolutely lovely! I wish I was there to see this splendor with my own eyes ... You are right, no words would be perfect enough to express such a beauty -- but your words nevertheless are strong and sinsere. Thank you for sharing, dear Kamome, this is the most generous gift to us all :)

"the most generous gift" is the one you make me, being here, origa.

From ancient times - again the cove
the conceals from a sickle of the Moon
Family relics

thanks for coming and enjoying, YamaSama..."the cove",
what a pretty sounding choice of word to say my nest!

not dream but reealty

I have been to Napoli on May in 1999.
I have jointed to a traveling group for sketching at the South Italy.
On the afternoon of 13th,May we went to Amlfi by the bus of our group.
The bus went on the road where one side was sharp clif
and otherside was deep sea.
I have often seen just same sight as your picture.

Your moon light is not dream but real sceen for me.
It is very lucky for me to shar this wonderful sight with you.
I dare to say I am only one who could feel your Haiku with nearly
pain what you feel.

thank you, for your nice works.


Re: not dream but reality

these words are honouring me more than ever, sensei...sorry if I post
my reply only in english (unkind student, 無礼な学生ね!) but for once
I like to pay a very small, very shy compliment to myself: when reading
your comment, I suddenly happened to think "OH!, WHAT BETTER WITNESS
COULD I EVER FIND TO SAY THE TRUTH OF MY WORK?!"...and, allow me to say
in addition to that, I felt deeply proud, as my haiku was considered a good,
well written, flueing japanese by the only one who - beyond his sharing of
my mood's strenght - could ever say "WHAT A PITY, SUCH A JEWEL OF BEAUTY

...but, no matter any consideration I make, the most of proudness was
to read "I CAN FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL" - because of this, my truest thanks,


still count the boats
crossing the moonlight
old tower

che bello, railgun - very beautiful lines:
how would I love to be able and write that
way, so clear and direct, so simple and
splendid...thanks by heart,

it is realy charming...and espacially the haiku!!!

we say here (but I suppose that to be said all over the world,
Beauty is in the eyes of the one who's watching...thank you.

imagine a moment
since centures
moonlight in your life

I really wonder - we share same whispered words in our minds across the distance!.. I write (in LJ or in my mind only) a post or a comment, then I read these words (or same sense) in others.

almost every free night during last months I review my videocam records to recompile them into DVDs for family use... there are Italian coast watchtowers too :)
the main base of our visit was Pizzo and Tropea, one day to Reggio di Calabria, then we moved to Taranto, Ostune(?) and everywhere around by car...

in Russian there is a song (I try to translate) "What do you, cruiser Aurora, dream about? // In the hour when daybreak rises on Neva river..."
btw this cruiser was visiting Italy to get a medal for Russian aid during the Messina earthquake in 1908.
heron's nest on old guard -
still wathing the coast
under moon

yes, diev, I thought exactely the same as you!
sorry for my late reply to your previous post,
I'm searching around as promised - and thanks
for coming, I knew you would like that and be
glad to share...nice lines as well!



three words can sometimes say a whole world...thank you.

Oh, dear Kamome-sama... I've never seen anything like this in my life!
What a picture! I can only imagine how awesome it is in reality. Your haiku makes it possible to feel as if I've seen it in real life.
Both the picture and haiku are outstanding.
Thank you-thank you...
I was mostly out of town the previous two days, and couldn't react immediately. But what a reward!

the reward is all mine - your being charmed, your happiness,
your sharing the MEANING of such a mood into yourself, the
nicest mirror to those silver waves...
...and your voice to call back, another gull to call this
lonely and silent one, through the most glorious of nights.

interrupting bisect
old town


thanks for coming, rad...I like the sound and the mix
of your words, but although understanding the general
meaning, I would like you to explain in a plain sentence
your above ku...for the image I suddenly saw shining in
my mind's eyes (and that I suddenly tried in my same mind
to say and write in japanese) might also have a different
sense and meaning in your one...would you mind then being
so kind to me as to say it in a one-line sentence?
thanks indeed!

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