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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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Current Music: whispered thoughts

Bellissime foto... mi domandavo dove sono state fatte...


...qui. è il portico del Duomo di Amalfi, affacciato sulla piazzaS. Andrea...eh eh! ;D
con un giovanissimo me stesso nella seconda foto (da "La Repubblica Weekend")
...ed anche il "micro-link" che segue mi è sembrato è una cosa simpatica!

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I'm sorry!

Ero io di fretta da un internet cafè... :-)


на месте часов
тенью времени забилось время
в гвоздик на стене

on place of hours
by shade of time hammer time
in carnations on wall

very nice lines, teengu様...and I hope you will enjoy
as well these images to follow, true PLACE OF HOURS...


I disturb my weak english - catch fine mechanism of Your thoughts

never mind...thoughts and feelings have
no language but the simple one of heart.


thank you for Your understanding

and feeling

if literally...

если попробовать дословно:

at the clock-place
like own shadow, time hammers itself
into nail in the wall

Олеж, я конеша извиняюсь, только ты там в словаре явно не те слова понаходил... а потому получилось нечто абсолютно к рус. вар. отношения не имеющее, но загадошноеееееее )))


на месте времени*
полумраком времени (?некий пропущенный глагол?) молоток времени
в гвоздИках на стене

very beautiful church!.. and your seeing of time, as well ;p

one step more
...my god!


yes...and I'll show you more!


NICE! :))

bello! eccoti, ho fatto sta foto a Udine)))

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altrettanto bella...a volte si provano dei "moods"
così simili, da un capo all'altro del mondo...NE?


The first thing that comes to my mind... would be encircled in someones arms and twirling around and around and around in an endless closed eye dance. This is magnificant!

...you may not believe me, but this was my very first idea
when fifi posted the photo above...what a nice tango it would
be, fairly danced within moonray swords through the columns...

Oh I LOVE the coloums.... so powerful. (I have been shopping for coloums - but not quite this large, for my own front porch ;) Beautiful. Oh so many stairs... I would love to see this in person someday!

...so come the soonest, and be the welcome!...

music whispered...

dear kamome, can you tell me something about Catterina Ughetti, if anything is known about her in Italy?
my last LJ-post is very similar to your foto+haiku...
my previous one about her was similar too...

at the crack of dawn
Time goes into a vault -
times lie here

entire world including Google has forgotten now completely about her!..
sorry for my whispered thoughts. I saw those words in Italian since my very little age. here in Russia is her homeland and her grave one, but her family name was Italian and it was known she was singing with Caruso... it's all I know.

Re: music whispered...

...I need to admit my ignorance, Diev, even if something
"half known/half remembered/half lost in memory" is now
tickleing my ear and mind at this name - I promise I will
check out...and NOT on the web, but a serious and slow and
good ol'fashioned library and musical research, LOL!, and
I'll let you know the soonest all what I can find out, ok?
nice photo and deepsounding lines too, I like that!

What a fascinating place... and your words go so well with the images, it's thrilling... I love the play of light and shadows, it makes the stones look alive.

so nice to see you again here, mushi様...I wonder what
could YOU do, with the magic of your camera and heart,
in such a place, with such a light, on such a spring...


"In the shadow of time" - yes! Seeing such pillars I remember the sound of organ - certainly it's one of time's simbols.

column's shadows
creeping to the open window -
ocean sunrise

thanks, taysha様...so nice to see you back,
so very good to hear your voice singing,


How nice it is to live in a place with such deep historical and cultural vista... And a warm one!(Deep sigh :o))

...I believe that such places were created only
to be FELT, vash dear - and that our senses are
the key to open our feelings' treasure room, and
make it gloom and shine around us its splendor...

one view more :)