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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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I thought it was a nice idea to add a photo that was taken on the same evening
and spot of my previous post: it would be a shame to keep only for myself such
a moment of perfect harmony, so very rare as I said before...please accept this
as my best and deepest felt wishes of a happy and peaceful Easter: may it be
such a golden door for you all to the nicest spring of your life,


yoi fukkatsusai o "LJ" no otomodachi minasama,


sakuo先生 made me a very appreciated surprise on his
so I like to reply in a similar way here (bottom of the comments'page)

Current Music: our inner clearest voices singing
Re: special for sakuo and I


I finally get a chance to stop by and see this wonderful playful energy of two masters together


Re: special for sakuo and I

oh, too kind of you, Paul...but allow me to only accept the name
of "maestro" within the area of scribes and calligraphers - and
there, too, only as it is a common title given to operators in
that domain - whereas I do totally agree with you in saying for
Sakuo Sensei, whose inner strenght literally "jumps off" his eyes!

thanks for coming, your visits are always a pleasure and a honour,