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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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I thought it was a nice idea to add a photo that was taken on the same evening
and spot of my previous post: it would be a shame to keep only for myself such
a moment of perfect harmony, so very rare as I said before...please accept this
as my best and deepest felt wishes of a happy and peaceful Easter: may it be
such a golden door for you all to the nicest spring of your life,


yoi fukkatsusai o "LJ" no otomodachi minasama,


sakuo先生 made me a very appreciated surprise on his
so I like to reply in a similar way here (bottom of the comments'page)

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Re: special for sakuo and I

two special spirits whom the light has brought together!
making our world smaller :)

Re: special for sakuo and I

I knew you would appreciate too, dear bette...isn't it pretty? ;D


Re: special for sakuo and I

yes, it is pretty! it looks so real that i thought sakuo came to visit you :))

Re: special for sakuo and I

Wow, what a cute collage, Kamome san! I think Sakuo san will have a good laughter at it, too :)

Re: special for sakuo and I

...oh I hope so, origa dear! ;D

Re: special for sakuo and I

Thank you Kamome san for sharing such a moment, and Happy Easter to you too.

My opinion is:if we are
interested in some different culture so deep,that means,that we are,somehow, part of this culture.

our previous lives
through the ages
talking to us

Re: special for sakuo and I

thanks, railgun...I do totally agree!

Re: special for sakuo and I

We are at Kamome's play ground for Kendou , Japanese fencing.
We have played Kendou match with good fighting.
Result was even.
We are going to have welcome dinner at hotel captino in Amalfi.

tomo ari enpou yori kitaru mata tanosi karazu ya

I have a good friend
He has come here from far town
Isn't it great pleasure

thank you , Kamome san for good sharing.


Re: special for sakuo and I

今夜、「cappuccini convento」ホテルへ