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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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I thought it was a nice idea to add a photo that was taken on the same evening
and spot of my previous post: it would be a shame to keep only for myself such
a moment of perfect harmony, so very rare as I said before...please accept this
as my best and deepest felt wishes of a happy and peaceful Easter: may it be
such a golden door for you all to the nicest spring of your life,


yoi fukkatsusai o "LJ" no otomodachi minasama,


sakuo先生 made me a very appreciated surprise on his
so I like to reply in a similar way here (bottom of the comments'page)

Current Music: our inner clearest voices singing

Thank you, dear Kamome-san. The light... uh, it is something out of this world. There is definately Middle East feeling about this photo. :о) I love it.
Let this perfect harmony stay always in your heart!

no, vash...although spread out of our soul, this
light is REAL and HERE, thanks to the Being...

Yeh, absolutely so. So, I pray for you to feel it. Always.

sure, my dear vash様 as well as I do...