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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosting by Photobucket

I thought it was a nice idea to add a photo that was taken on the same evening
and spot of my previous post: it would be a shame to keep only for myself such
a moment of perfect harmony, so very rare as I said before...please accept this
as my best and deepest felt wishes of a happy and peaceful Easter: may it be
such a golden door for you all to the nicest spring of your life,


yoi fukkatsusai o "LJ" no otomodachi minasama,


sakuo先生 made me a very appreciated surprise on his
so I like to reply in a similar way here (bottom of the comments'page)

Current Music: our inner clearest voices singing
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angels' voices
sun going to sea
our inner

yes, diev, I agree...we can be angels inside - and
we can sometimes show that we are also outside....

good friday -
a me-shaped hole
in the sky

Happy Easter, Kamome!!!

YUK YUK, tsikori...you too! ;D

Thank you, dear Kamome-san. The light... uh, it is something out of this world. There is definately Middle East feeling about this photo. :о) I love it.
Let this perfect harmony stay always in your heart!

no, vash...although spread out of our soul, this
light is REAL and HERE, thanks to the Being...

This blessed light
rising from the horizon
Easter sun!


Thank you for such a glorious photo filled with beauty and Easter wishes. It certainly is a golden door filled with perfect harmony :)
Blessings to you,

and to you, bette dear...I believe it is the light of our hearts.


the nicest...

oh......NOW, it really is NICEST.

The feeling of harmony is definitely present here. A marvelous sky - sea composition! Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Easter, Kamome san! :)

thanks for coming...it was all there, ready for you to enjoy.


my LJ

Gen.le Gabbiano,

ho anche io da poco una paginetta su LJ. Non è un granchè ora come ora, ma se volessi visitarla mi faresti un grande onore. Grazie...

Andrea Cecon

"Gen.le Gabbiano"?...wow! ;D

benvenuto, Andrea...「LJ」へようこそ、ね!...e grazie per aver
voluto onorarmi con un invito così formale: ma certo, che vengo
a visitarti, vedere il tuo LJ sarà per me un grandissimo piacere,


(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: special for sakuo and I

two special spirits whom the light has brought together!
making our world smaller :)

It is so funny!

Thank you Kamome-sama, the joke made me feel good. This meaningful exchange will definitely make you both good friends. I am sure it would be nice for you both to meet each other some day in reality - not only virtuality.

Re: It is so funny!

hope to see ALL of you, dear!


sei bellissimo... e smettila di dirmi che sei un rospo! non ti credo :-P

grazie per gli auguri - adesso sono in vacanze e senza internet! potro scrivere di piu lunedi prossimo!! ciao!!!

e buona Pasqua che da voi e' gia passata (noi la aspettiamo il 23 aprile!

ok, e grazie dal rospo - ma almeno potevi firmare...o devo
RISALIRE all'identità (pure lo Sherlock Holmes mi tocca fare!)
dalla data della "vostra" pasqua? che direi Europa Ortodossa,
e vediamo...mmmh...FIFI, vero? ;P

With light Easter to you!!!

With light Easter to you!!!

and to your beautiful picture

revival –
so light the world
with two suns

ян,арыш –
шундый матур д[ir]нья
ике кояшлы


возрождение –
так светел мир
с двумя солнцами


Re: With light Easter to you!!!

I'm noticing your post only now, far later, Rad様...deeply
sorry!, and beautiful reply lines, so very kind of you!


I shall share Pleasure with the World -
Spring the gold doors
Opens for us again

arigato yorukamome-sama.

thanks for coming and for your nice lines, yamanaga様.
please be and feel always the welcome, and allow me
to add you as a friend.


Fine photo and magic wish, dear Kamome.
Happy Easter!
World and Kindness!

to you and all your dearest loved ones, irisha様...and let me add
my welcome back to my pages - it always is so nice to read you!


Nothing but Lil' Me...

Will you open the door to the little stranger, dear Kamome? Will you let her in to hear that she's grateful for inviting her here? For giving her opportunity to share with you all this emotions and beautiful moments and to let her start with you and your Friends the nicest spring in her life..?:)

It's so good to be here, dear Kamome!

oh, no, Lil'Ania...please let ME say how good it feels
to see you here - no need to knock: my poor tea house,
this strange 「茶屋・sukiya」 out of the world and still
built on every possible world, is totally opened...open
air & mind & heart & fly, so please come in and have your
tea - and please gift us your splendid springtime,


Very spiritual indeed.
Much inward feeling.
It reminds me of the Christ.

...well, this is too much, dear - although I've so very often been asked
(and so very often done, years and years through my youth) to characterise
Jesus' figure in our "Holy Week"'s processions and "SACRA"...I'm too old
now, so I suppose I'd be more suitable to play good ol' Mathusalem, but
allow me to deeply thank you for your comment...

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