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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
燕 ・ la rondine

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...spring late afternoon off to a walk along the coast, a rare peaceful moment with one
dearest friend of mine: I have so very few that I hurried to fix it in a quick sketch...

Current Music: far sea song, swallows voices

Kind time of day, dear Kamome!
Fine picture!

very rare, I repeat, dear irisha...thanks indeed.

ti ho subito riconosciuto! e che bella donna!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

do you mind if I consider myself as an eastern person? :-D

...aren't you?!? strange new, indeed!...

I have always thought I'm a far worse portrait-maker, but it
really is SO easy to sketch such a toad face like mine!...
...and yes, very nicelooking girl: you know, one strong reason
for me to love so deeply ALL eastern People is the natural,
total GRACE they have, fascinating sweetest mix of elegance
and self-consciousness that they show through every moving,
physically NOT ARROGANT like our western attitudes and behaves...


ahh, such a lovely sketch of two beautiful people...such kindness in their faces. what a sweet friend she is. may your days and nights be filled with new light in your heart :)

in my birthcountry, where strange sailors' and peasants' wisenesses
and superstitions SINERGYZE, people use to say an ancient sentence,
when they get a wish or a blessing like your kindest ones:
which means that the Guardian Angel confirms, every time
he overflies our heads, our best and worst habits as well...

thanks from the deepest inside my heart, bette.

nice sketch, Kamome

holding hands
the church bell tolls
one more time

...what a beauty, tsikori様, my dear friend... 


your sketch

Kamome san ,
You have basic power of painting.
Did you graduate from the Art school ?
Your scketch show me your basic drawing power that has been
obtain for long training.
Your dearest is beautifull.


Re: your sketch

oh no, sensei...it is really a "basic" attitude, I was just born with such
hands, gift of the Being as I often happen to say - never been to any "art
school"...: you know, my friend, I sincerely think that if one has "natural"
attitudes, every school of any art (I mean in their common and accepted
sense of LEARNING, not in the one of "maîtriser" the craftings and materials)
are the most unuseful and suffocating path to follow, as most of the times
they do easily erase, when not totally delete, the "student" personality
and his NATURAL POWER (nice image you have chosen!)...
...about me - well, you already know that I teach linguistics: I come from
studies in philosophy and communication area (I graduated 3 times in it,
with different addresses as languages and aesthetics, BLUSH BLUSH!) but
I always tried my best to leave UNTOUCHED my hands' will and pleasure...



Re: you are genius.

If it is true what you said, you are real genius.


Re: you are genius.



having been to continue your music "far sea song, swallows voices" and our friend tsikori's words, I would like to ask you: what is that place?
last summer I spent a month around Magna Grecia and everything here sounds like that.

and I say no my expressive words here having nothing got from the fount of eloquence how you are a great master of so many arts!.. :)
you are

swallows voices -
the entire sea of
her eyes

you too have decided that my face looks better when I blush,
diev, NE!...the place is my birthland, the Costa d'Amalfi
(or Costiera Amalfitana, more often said - just search the
web and enjoy!)...the pic and the sketch were exactly taken
from the belvedere of the main (lol! so very small and pretty!)
square in Conca dei Marini, one of the 12 smallest town that
you can count along the coast...
...nice lines of your reply too, my friend, thanks lots!

"...I have so very few..."

Sometimes less is more. :о))

Nice drawing, Kamome-sama.

Re: "...I have so very few..."

thanks for the compliment, vash - well, I agree...but not SO MANY less!


Everyone is different. How many friends would answer your need in them, Kamome-san?

sorry, dear...I must be misunderstanding: I was meant to

Sometimes I am with my close friends, and still don't have peace in me. I guess, sometimes it has to be earned somehow.

...aaaaaaaaah...I see now - sorry, and sure I happen too, you're right!