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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
「首を長く~する」, kubi o nagaku-suru

...always in the hope of not being too bad with my nihongo grammar, I am trying to write my second
essay within the longer syllabled 短歌 「tanka, 5/7/5/7/7」 domain, which I am not accustomed to:
but my basic thought seemed too long to be synthesized in usual 俳句 「haiku, 5/7/5」 form...

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ichiban wa / osozaki haru no / ko-tsubame o / miru no tame ni mo / kubi o nagaku ya

I stretch my neck thru this slow-blooming spring, even to see the first baby swallow

(ps: the expression 「首を長く~する, kubi o nagaku-suru」 means to wait anxiously for
something...strange but photographically useful image, "to stretch his own neck", ne?)

Current Music: silent springy evening sky

such nice looking brush strokes, gabbiano. and a very beautiful tanka, too :) bette.

thanks, bette様...hard for me to do something good,
as I'm going through a VERY bad moment, which I am
not meant to speak of herein, neither to bother my
friends with: just know that I appreciate lots more,
right now, and right because of the above said, every
contact I have with my excellent LJ friends,


my dear gabbiano, my hope is that you get through this difficult time quickly and safely...not hurting your sweet soul and spirit.

here is a cyber bouquet of white roses and a box of orange chocolate just for you.

big hug,
bette :)

...you know how to cuddle and overcare me, bette!, but your
sweet heart and gentle thoughts are the nicest gifts at all,


remake sakuo


kubi nobasi/ ko-tybame min to/ osoki haru matsu

streching my neck
to see baby swallow
waiting for slow spring


Re: remake sakuo

oh, sensei, so very lovely! I could never get to
the difficult of that beautiful 見んと, neither
substitute NAGAKU SURU with 伸ばし...grazie!

ps: でも...I have INVENTED myself that 子燕,
which isn't all that bad, ね! ;D

Re: remake sakuo

子燕 is wonderfull!!


Re: remake sakuo



"I stretch my neck..."

not to say "I strech my heart"...

...so very true...