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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
le notti fredde

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hoshi o matte, tsumanaki otoko - haru osoi

a late spring, lonely man waiting for the stars

this was born after one of the few songs that, although musician, I ever dared write
in my whole life, and which I’m happening to play again tonight after very many years: 

“le notti fredde sono la mia rabbia / la malattia di un cuore chiuso in gabbia,
notti di piombo nero senza luna / che passo a maledire la fortuna…
notti di ghiaccio, durano una vita / per dirti che la tua ormai è finita,
le notti fredde sono una prigione / da cui mi strappa solo una canzone…

…e allora le mie mani sui tasti van da sole / a far dei miei pensieri un'armonia di viole,
di accordi colorati col blu e con l'argento / di amori disperati che durano un momento…

le notti fredde sono mille porte / che si aprono sul buio della morte
notti di letti sfatti da uno solo / e di rimpianti che spezzano il volo,
notti d'amore senza una speranza / che colmano di vuoto la tua stanza,
le notti fredde sono una bugia / che fingi di chiamare poesia…

…è allora che i miei occhi ricordano il tuo viso / ed io, con gesti sciocchi, rivivo il paradiso,
e suono note piene di vita e di profumo / e dipingo sirene fatte di sogni e fumo…

le notti fredde bruciano in un'ora / tutto quel che hai sperato fino allora,
notti di una tristezza senza fine / che spendi a pianger sulle tue rovine,
notti perdute in fondo ad uno specchio / che ti racconta un mondo troppo vecchio…

…le notti fredde non portano al sole / per chi è fatto soltanto di Parole."

ps: I’m adding some uneasy english translation (ah, poetry and languages!) in comments’ page...for
it sounds so funny and stupid!, and a simpler, "inviting" hokku version here to follow, as I hope and 
suppose that this post will be enlarged by several and "severe" comment words ...:

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kyōō ni, kanashiku uta da - yoru no hokku

deep in my heart this sad song, a night hokku

Current Music: gabbiano, "le notti fredde"

"cold nights are my anger, the illness of a caged heart,
no moony, black lead nights that I pledge to curse my fortune,
icy nights lasting a whole life to tell you your one’s finally over,
cold nights are just a jail where only a song can tear me off …

…that's when my hands begin to move by their own will
to build up by my thoughts one harmony of violas,
chords painted with the colours of silver and blue,
desperate loves that only last one minute…

cold nights are thousands doors opening on a death darkness,
nights made of beds where only one has made a mess
with regrets that break every flight,
love nights without any hope filling your room with total wideness,
cold nights are the lie you pretend to call poetry…

…that's when my eyes begin to remember your face
and I live once more Heaven with silly body motions,
when I play tunes filled with life and perfumes
and paint mermaids made by dreams and smoke…

cold nights can burn in one hour's time
all what you've been hoping till that moment,
nights of endless sadness that you spend crying on your ruins,
nights lost in the deep of a mirror telling you of a too old world…

cold nights don’t drive to the dawn, for whom are only made of Words."

un haiku bellissimo.... come al solito da te :-)

toi aussi, t'as décidé de me faire rougir, au dessous de
ma belle barbe désormais totalement blanchie?... ;P

cher ami, j'ai une demande a toi... tu peux m'ecrire en hierogliphes japonais la phrase: la mort n'est que le commencement?

c'est pour ma soeur cadette, elle veut se faire un tatoo comme ca, en hierogliphes... merci!)))

ben...je ne suis pas le meilleur des parlant japonais,
donc je t'écris ici ce que je crois être la traduction
la plus proche - je te conseille pourtant de demander
si c'est juste à sakuo先生 aussi, de façon que si cela
marche je vais essayer de l'écrire de ma main, ok?...:



oups a Sakuo...mi vergogno ....

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

alors, pas besoin du tout d'avoir honte à l'égard de sakuo先生, un homme absolument gentil et totalement disponible (et, il faut ajouter, qui le
serait quand-même, étant bon japonais enfin!)...quant à moi, je dois
admettre que mes premières tentatives de faire un bon shodou avec ce "motto" ont abouti à un rien de fait, et j'ai deux bonnes raisons pour cela:
1) étant l'énoncé un tatouage, j'ai essayé à mon mieux d'être CLAIR et LISIBLE, mais à ce point-là mieux ça vaudrait faire usage des normaux
KANJI/FONTS ("book antiqua" les plus beaux à mon avis), afin que le
tatouiste puisse bien LIRE le travail qu'on lui demande...et 2),
permets-moi une considération, car malheureusement je connais ça même
TROP bien: notre peau perd son ton très vite et "y écrire quelque chose"
(n'importe quelle langue) coûte de le faire en très grands caractères,
sinon le tattoo sera horrible dans peu d'ans, et ça serait un dommage
avec un travail si délicat que du shodou...de toute façon, je vais
essayer encore, mais je ne promets rien, je me sens TRES conditionné
par le "bon résultat", tu sais? :(

both haiku are nice! :)
and about poem - I like it more in first edition :)
you'd better move out these oblique strokes and use lj-cut if the post seems too long for you :)
and my love of Italian is the same as yours of Japanese - so I can read it endlessly... even understanding nothing at all (except few words)
don't mind about translation!
and I still want to hear your playing...

well, it naturally is impossible to translate a song, far
more than any other "poetic work"...and, as I told you,
I know my posts are TOO LONG (ugh! :§ ) but I need to admit
that I like the way they "introduce" themselves, without any
links or ties and so on...thanks indeed for your compliments,
but I suppose it would be FAR better if that was sung and
played by both of us together!... ;D

the last poem (by B. Okudgava) I've translated is a song.
and fortunately I happen to preserve the original rhythm - so that it can be sung in eng-version... so I know what you mean :)
yes, I like the way your posts look :) and don't matter how long they can be
(I know, some lj-users like more shorter ones in order to save their time/traffic/smth else... I'm not one of them, although I often use the cut :)

both of us... sounds well ;D
but WHEN? WHERE? who knows... )))

春の憂い haru no urei, spring melancholy

Spring time, every thing is getting vivid.
All livings on the earth begin to move.
Human being too get into action.

But melancholy of spring attacks suddenly attack
young heart.
Don't mind it is your spring time.


oh well...thanks lots for that YOUNG, sakuo 先生!
it is true anyway that spring fascination, more
than all under greyblue soft april rains, gives
wide room to melancholy - and I think you should
see Easter time here, when all this is so vividly
hitting men's heart and mind!...but I am sure that
your hometoen must be so nice as well,



I like Easter and Easter parade that once became Movie.
Do you know a song "Easter Parade" by Bing cross bee(
how is this spell correct ? )
When I hear the song , I really feel spring has come.


"bing CROSBY"...yes, I know, and I agree, sensei: the song is very
nice, and it really makes feel springy!

here where I live easter is a strange moment, as because of being
a christian country you can see in many towns like mine sort of
sacred processions and features of Jesus "passion and death"...
I have often taken part to that, even not considering myself a catholic,
to interpretate the Jesus (when younger) and some apostle or other older
figure in later years...the mix of these strong moments of deep feeling
(however, everyone feels the universal pain, ne?) and sweetest mood of
HARU NO UREI is truly beautiful to the heart...mystics and love pregnancy
together, a fatal cocktail for one's soul, believe me!...

Sweet sadness...