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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
「陽子」, a bud of spring

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musume kite
hana no sugata no
haru tsubomi

as daughter came, a bud of spring, her flowery figure

a little and deserved "hommage à" my daughter gaia/yoko 「陽子」, unexpectedly
appearing today at my door and gifting me a special hanami 「花見」 of herself… 

Current Music: vivaldi, "le quattro stagioni-primavera"

thanks, origa, kind of you...and no, unluckily
I haven't seen your son yet! gaia 「陽子 is the
japanese translation in a female form of the name,
meaning happy, smiley」 is 22 now, and she has a
piercing on her lips - well she has some around,
LOL! - and a tattoo on her left arm that I painted,
saying 「海」umi/sea...I don't know where she bought
the AEROFLOT shirt, but it's such a coincidence,
isn't it? ;D

Yes, that's an interesting coincidence :) So, she is 22? Heh, I am an older parent than you are, Kamome san -- my Sasha is 26 :)))))

Whenever you find time, you are welcome to visit Laraine's gallery in my last entry -- besides seen Sasha, I hope you will enjoy meeting with another REAL artist ("real" -- I mean like yourself, not like me, hahaha :))

blah....you're so very unkind to yourself and
your art, dear! let others say what it IS like!