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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...calligraphy is...

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(shodou ha cyuujitsu na tomodachi no da, kicyou ni
watashi no kandou ni katachi o yatte tasukeru.)

Image hosting by Photobucket

calligraphy is the faithful mate whose precious help allows
me to give a visible shape to my moods and emotions.

Current Music: pat boone, “love letters in the sand”, 1957

Marvelous calligraphy, Kamome san! Made me reach for my brush right away -- but it will take me years to master it to the extend you did ... How long have you been practicing Japanese calligraphy, anyway?

sincerely, not all that long practice,
but (as you know as well) "writing" is
also...and maybe far more!, a heartfelt
task that we face with different moods...


I cannot speak to the Japanese one, but the English one is very interesting. It expresses someone strugling with raw power to me. Very well done!

very kind of you, once again, tangentier様, and
once more feel welcome to my presomptuous page.


hmm... nice looking!

and the thing I'm thinking about is - WHAT mood make you write this way?..

...but it seems I can guess...

each piece is beautiful! did you carve your seagull and crescent moon? its very nice as well as your hanko.

i really adore the 2nd piece with its free-style lettering. such emotion is displayed in it. the form and angle are consistant and the strokes tie each line together nicely with an overall balance. i like how "emotions" is on the last line by itself.

yes, I did it myself, dear bette...how many
biggEST compliments, you'll make me blush!
but I'm glad to read that my writing can
show and "pass" my emotions to my friends,
thanks indeed!

how nice you carved it yourself! out of wood? oh my...a man who is a calligrapher, a woodcarver, and a kenshi! oh be still, my heart :)

no, bette, it's in linoleum...you
know, that deep green plastic thing
to make stamps?...hey, I'm good at
cooking too...LOL! ;D

well...linoleum or wood...doesn't matter...i'm just very impressed that you carve! ahhh...an artist after my heart LOL!

a good cook too? wow...some lady is lucky to have you ;-)

oh well...ahemmm...eetoo...cough cough..... ;D

The calligraphy in the lower picture - if I am good at guessing - betrays a person of strong will and big scale elegance.

always too very kind of you, dear vash様・・・どうも有り難うございました、 


the second image - amazing. truly amazing! I love it!

thanks...you're getting nearer to the "truest me",
since you've jumped into calligraphy pages...

I'm discovering more about you, yes.
I am one, though - who most often sees much more than the exterior! ;-)

no doubt about that...Ladies ALWAYS can too easily "SEE THROUGH", LOL!