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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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matte, ya matte,
hontou ni waga
haru o matte.

waiting and waiting...truth is, waiting for my own spring.

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I'm sure that my japanese version is once again horridly built on grammar
mistakes - but I'm sure as well that I'll be forgiven in advance by all of
you, as this is what I feel like, and no more words were found to say this
mood with such (for once, at least) a sharp and winged simpleness.

Current Music: puccini, "nessun dorma"

grazie, vash 様...simple Words always say the truest Truth.


Bless your heart, dear Kamome san, it is so sweet of you to pay attention.

it is so good to run back all the Words and Heart paths
one has happened to run together with precious friends
and people, val...there always is something new, unseen,
perhaps misunderstood at first reading - or the simple,
refreshing experience of going back and know they're
still there...this world gets to taste better, if one
knows such a secret!


I remembered a saying about places: never return to the places you were happy. But you are right as far as precious friends are concerned. Did you notice that every person even the one who is already gone, emits light or energy of a particular spectrum? Precious friends keep sharing warmth and light with us no matter what.

yes, I know and firmly believe that, vash...and more,
tell me, WHAT A POOR LIFE would it be, if we couldn't
choose for ourselves the rehearsal of FEELING ONCE
AGAIN RIGHT THAT JOY we felt before?...THAT place,
THOSE emotions and vibrations, oh...who would ever
loose such a treasure after a silly common saying?