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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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matte, ya matte,
hontou ni waga
haru o matte.

waiting and waiting...truth is, waiting for my own spring.

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I'm sure that my japanese version is once again horridly built on grammar
mistakes - but I'm sure as well that I'll be forgiven in advance by all of
you, as this is what I feel like, and no more words were found to say this
mood with such (for once, at least) a sharp and winged simpleness.

Current Music: puccini, "nessun dorma"

Nice photo-haiku, Kamome san! Simplicity is a good thing :)

thanks, origa dear. yes, I agree, as I know well
that I happen not to be "simple" so very often...

We all were, I think, and are sometimes, he-he ... :)

Oh, how nice, Kamome san -- it's a lovely addition to your post! I think it might have made a separate post, and haiga :)

well, they are so strictly tied one another...