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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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matte, ya matte,
hontou ni waga
haru o matte.

waiting and waiting...truth is, waiting for my own spring.

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I'm sure that my japanese version is once again horridly built on grammar
mistakes - but I'm sure as well that I'll be forgiven in advance by all of
you, as this is what I feel like, and no more words were found to say this
mood with such (for once, at least) a sharp and winged simpleness.

Current Music: puccini, "nessun dorma"

oh, yeah

as they say "I feel it, therefore it is"

well, some less presumptuous than that,
tsikori 様! ;D
...but it is something alike, I need to
admit: just sitting and silently waiting,
cannot say anymore, hopefully be felt...

Nice photo-haiku, Kamome san! Simplicity is a good thing :)

thanks, origa dear. yes, I agree, as I know well
that I happen not to be "simple" so very often...

so nice to see you, gabbiano...sunning by the shore...releasing your troubles to the sea and inhaling the freedom and the beauty and the peace. :)

oh, bette...maybe it was so! but I am not
relaxed - just waiting, and I'd really like
to feel sure that it's sitting and waiting
for "myself back"...



thanks, fifi - I admit I felt some truly "haijin"
when writing that, don't know why: perhaps it's
because of the "more japanese taste" of sentence...

Great Picture!

as if summer
the sea shimmers

Re: Great Picture!

summer's still so far,
wet wings in a light march cloud -
spring's still too misty.

oh, dear, dear...
what's for you waiting?
it's time to open the door...
the wind!


seawinds'gentle songs
whispered at my open door
where I sit, unwinged.

well understanable

This is true poem.Kamome san.
I can understand what you wish to say.
There is no prombem in Japanese grammer.
My beliving is that short poem as like haiku
finally get same form, because cry of human mind
is common through various langages.

subarasii desu ne!


I am deeply honoured by such words and comment:
賛辞をどうも有り難うございました、先生。 御世話様、毎日、


ahhh...a sharp and winged simpleness :) nothing else is needed. the brushed lettering and the photo effects are very nice. and you, gabbianno, are "sitting inside yourself" (a term i read about this morning in my Yoga magazine).




like Samurai

Kamome san, wonderfull.
You look like Samurai in old Japan.
Syodou is very nice. I really was supprised by your brush work.
totemo subarasii desu !!


Re: like Samurai

you'll make me blush, sakuo先生..."sekimen shiteimasu"?
I seem to remember this as the correct nihongo expression...
and I need to admit I'm far more honoured after these words,
addressing to the man and the scribe beyond the haijin:


Hi Kamome

What a great picture! Is it a drawing or a photo?
It seems that you look at the poem above

thanks indeed, tsikori様...it's a simple
photo on one of our IAIDOU stages, with a
"ritocco" in charcoal effect - and I myself
hadn't noticed the direction of sight...



Spring comes. Even if in late November.

grazie, vash 様...simple Words always say the truest Truth.