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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

…so this is the fourth, still not completed - it's a “prayer/evocation”
to the new moon in Gaelic, dating back who knows when and how far,
as it belongs to the oral tradition of magics and “charms”…I found it
in the CARMINA GADELICA, sort of an anthology of such mystics and
poetry, collected and published in 1900 by Mr. Alexander Carmichael.

Image hosting by Photobucket

(the items I realized this folio with are the same as in "el dia":
obviously, the graphia is different, an INSULAR MINUSCULA, as
well as the size grows evidently up to about cms.8,09 x 13,02)

Hail to thee, thou new moon, guiding jewel of gentleness!
I am bending to thee my knees, I am offering to thee my love,
I am giving thee my hand, I am lifting to thee mine eye,
O new moon o’the seasons!
Hail to thee, thou new moon, joyful maiden of my love!
Joyful maiden of the graces, thou art illumining to us thy face,
Thou art travelling in thy course, thou art steering the full tides,
Thou new moon o’the seasons!
Thou queen-maiden of guidance, thou queen-maiden of the joy,
Thou queen-maiden of good fortune, thou queen-maiden my beloved,
Hail to thee, thou new moon, joyful queen-maiden,
O new moon o’the seasons!

Current Music: cat stevens, "moonshadow"

This is very nice too...

thanks again, rad! ;D

it's VERY interesting!

/perhaps it's my love of magic :))) but - /
as I can see, the original text isn't english -
so why didn't you write it? its RHYTHM is felt
even by skin (before I've read all your comments)!
english version is far less tuneful :)
hmm... and there's some magic of non-completion -
exactly for this text.
in such (non-completed) look this thing is sharply
differ from other ones... dunno what appearance it
have in your mind... but can say that already
existing lines with this manner of hand make the
minimalism-effect (that I like very much).
dunno whether such look is in agreement with spirit
of the exibition... but I like it :)

I'll look through all four items and tell you then
my common impression :)

Re: it's VERY interesting!

oh, there's no "spirit" to agree with, I'm
absolutely free in my choice of the piece:
but I agree with you, it IS completed like
that, and it's "minimalism" gives exactly
the sense and the feeling I wanted to show
through my interpretation of the "magical
prayer"...I knew you would enjoy it! ;P
but I think there isn't time enough to try
one more piece, so I will have to stop here...

This is totally lovely! What a beautiful and sensitive prayer.



thanks, Paul...you can read my reply after
the other comment you have posted, but once
again I agree: these words are as splendid
as they are sensitively simple, pure poetry.

absolutely beautiful. love the soft blushing and stipple dots around the large letters. the piece is clean (not busy). plenty of air flowing within and around the letters. the poem is spiritual and sensual :)


thanks, bette dear...well, I think - most of this folio's
charm is actually due to the text, so nicely balanced in
both its sensual and spiritual natures, as you say - but
I will accept your kindest compliments about its "airy
cleanness", which drives me to suppose I'd better leave
it as it is now, forgetting my temptation of adding or
"completeing" - nothing more, useful suggestion...grazie!

(PS: the nice "soft blushing" wasn't unfortunately born
in my hands...it's just the vellum itself marked that way!)


I like this folio - the sense of control in how it looks, and the power totality of the Moon in the text. How are you going to finish it?

oh well...I don't know, but most probably
I'm going to follow the suggestions coming
from Choshi and Bette, and leave it as it
is now - just add my "signature line" at
the bottom, as my usual colophon...thanks!

ciao, caro! :-)))

la preghiera e' FANTASTICA.... il mio stile preferito... hai raggione di essere cosi "sobre" nella scrittura di questo (voglio dire pochissimi decori)... il testo parla per se stesso... no???

sì, hai ragione anche tu, sono d'accordo:
le migliori prerogative di questo folio
sono proprio il testo (SPLENDIDO) e la
totale sobrietà...non so come ci sono
riuscito, io che di solito sono così
"pomposo"..... ;P

nooo, non sei troppo pomposo))) hai tantissimi disegni sobri... e questi qua mi piacciano di piu... )))

approposito: kome stai?

qualcosa mi dice che avrai presto un regalino da Sig. Cecon :-))) vedrai)))

I'd like to choose it.
no words to comment it in English, sorry. my active wordset is too short to explain... maybe these points in the field? or a few colors used here?.. or Moon - the magic object which moves great oceans and our souls?

maybe :)

totally agreeing on the "magic silvery mother", diev:
like all people of the Cancer, I often feel sort of a
werewolf, as my absolute depending on moon phases can
be the nicest as well as the worst of my character's
features...thanks for the comment, I'm so very glad
and honoured that you like this piece, and my work.

I think this folio is my favorite, out of the four. The color schema and layout, the pattern sort of 'Maltese cross', are very attractive. This one would be my choice.

What a nice presentation, Kamome san! :)

very kind of you, dear origa...as you could maybe
read somewhere through these pages, I have chosen
the Thoreau passage with silver gilding - but I
need to agree: this folio shows once again, after
the many comments it has been collecting, that
simpleness is the best item to give a moody and
sensible shape to our thoughts and feelings...thanks!