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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

the third folio of the four I said about before...this is the one
I myself like the less, but I promised to show you them all, so:

Image hosting by Photobucket

"good night, good night!, parting is such sweet sorrow
that I shall say good night till it be morrow"

(shakespeare, ROMEO & JULIET, act II, scene II, vv.184/185)

Current Music: toquinho & maria creuza, "um adeus mais"

hi gabbiano :)
what a lovely piece. i like the thin beautiful lettering and of course your gilding and illustration is wonderful. the corded stiching and melted wax adds a very nice touch. what a fine rooster to have sacrificed his quill for you!

i'm sorry i haven't been commenting much at LJ. my life has been hectic too. i hope to start working solely on a big woodblock project soon.

even though life is busy for you i hope you are happy and content :)

warm wishes always,

this one is beautiful too...
and I'm waiting for the last one


Dear Kamome-sama, I liked every folio, but the little one you didn't consider turned out to be very dear to me. It's where you wrote:

"time it was, and what a time,
a time, a time of innocence..."

I find it very harmonius. I am partial to floral ornament, anyway, and all the more when leaves are so beautifully gilded.

"Good night..." is beautiful, too. You put a lot of love in the piece. The feathery creatures look like sea-gulls to me with water in beween them.

thanks for the kindest comment, dear vash様...unfortunately,
the piece you like so much is not in my hands anymore, it has
recently found one more "lover"...but I am glad that at least
one of these latest folia could hit the special target of your
attention, always so sensibly critical and constructive: you
know, as I have often been saying, you have beautiful eyes!

I very like this miniature :))) highly lacing :)))

thanks lots, rad...I'm still posting and choosing!

bella decisione con la corda!!!!!

la "corda" è un laccio di cuoio rosso turco,
e anche il fermaglio è fatto di cuoio ritorto:
mi piaceva l'idea di fare una sorta di "pagina
singola", come una specie di oggetto-dono...


wakare ga sonnani setunai nara ba
semete asa made
oyasumi nasai

別れがそんなに 切ないならば
せめて 朝まで

Woo wonderful poem!


oh, how wondeful it sounds to my ears
and heart, sakuo sensei!...it really
seems to paint an all-japanese image
of a nice love interlude, on some
sweet Hanami Evening...どうも有難う!