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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
el día que...

...this is the second folio - rougher than the previous one,
it seems, but it's some hard to work on a 400 years old vellum...


(gardel/le pera, "el día que me quieras", tango, 1922)

Image hosting by Photobucket

- VELLUM: irregular, ca.cms 08.07 x 09.09, last quarter of XVI century;
- GILDING: 23.1/3 kt burnished gold leaf on gesso (armenian bole - black);
- COLOURS: ultramarine blue, lead white, carmine red, naples yellow;
- INK: "ferro/gallico" (olive "nerofumo");
- QUILLS: swan, medium and minor left "rowers";
- GRAPHIA: "rotunda secunda", approximately end XIII century;
- LETTRINE: "capitalis longobarda".

Current Music: gardel/le pera, "el día que me quieras"

Armonia... - it's known to me an italian word :)

"...We visited Venezia then we embarked on liner MSC Armonia and departed to our cruise..." - it was a letter of my italian friends, one of which was my sister... :)

your works are fine!

thanks for coming, diev...and what a nice comment!
"armonia" is the word I'd like to write and paint
every time I sit and touch a pen and a paper sheet...

dear kamome, can you tell me a few words about my first attempt to translate a haiku in Russian into Italian? on the right side there you can read author's long version in English (translated in the order of a word by word), my freelance version "attempts to remeber" in English, and a version in French by apelcinova.
I hope you will understand the common idea of that haiku through those languages.

that haiku is very memorably for me... I don't know exactly why... maybe because its author (Wowwi) writes there about our common friend who is dead now...

thank you in advance
and long live armonia!

ciao, diev...yes, I understand very well the basic idea
and the feeling which permeates the haiku - and I would
never dare to "correct" anything of others' attempts:
so I have just added some of my own to the link above,
and I hope you won't be too upset with me... ;D


For some reason I like this one most of all... could be the colors.

Looks like exquisite jewellery.

questo mi piace!

grazie...anche a me, ma ho preferito il primo,
forse perchè mi sembrava meno "ricco", più serio...