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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
kanjidesign 1

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ame no uta
shizuka na heya wo
mitasu kana

rain song - slowly, strongly, fills the whole room

Current Music: gustav mahler, simphony n°5, IV:"adagietto, sehr langsam"

Is this your calligraphy?
SO very beautiful!

yes, choshi sama, and many thanks again...I'm a real SCRIBE - not so many, surviving today, NE? )))...
I like to create my whole work by myself, writing supports inks items decorations gildings colors - no matter the text, often mine (BLUSH! BLUSH!):I like to tie "different" words to "historically far" ages,
in the total respect of the chosen style and era...
...too many words about me, once more - sorry - thank you again,

eeyay ! Not too many words at all.....Your work is truly amazing!



This is a real aethentical piece of a calligraphy art, so very beautiful and easy flowing! Oh, how much I want to practice calligraphy -- and hopefully will get started this summer :-)...

Is it a rice paper mounted on another piece of paper (and what kind)? I think the presentation itself adds charm to the piece...

not rice, origa sama - I do myself all my papers, with the help of a friend owning an ancient papermill, here in Amalfi (one of the most renown and back-dating italian papercrafter towns, it's my family "birth nest").
thanks lots for the compliments - and please begin immediately: nothing can so deeply give me the SENSE of the haiku itself I'm writing as the moment I try and melt the words in my ink, when "acting" the final SHODOU leaf...
welcome again - wait for you soon, I'm gonna visit anew your pages as soon as I have more time.
deha, suguni mata,

You make your own paper -- it's fantastic! I'll definitely begin learning calligraphy soon -- you inspired me so strongly :-) Thank you, thank you!

handmade paper
melding my haiku words
into the ink


(of course, it's not a haiku -- it's just that I am under the impression of your work, and the story! :-))

And I am sorry for my ignorance -- what is "deha, suguni mata"? :-)

(ouch! :-S ...deeply sorry, origa sama!)
...you see - this is for me also a place where I can test and use my poor japanese: told before, I'm no more than a student - so I usually consider everyone I meet here as a far better speaker than I am of nihongo...sorry again!
DEHA etc. means "well, let's meet soon again", or something alike...
thanks again(not to say, you already know I'm lots thankful!) for your too big compliments...welcome to shodou then!
ciao, "suguni mata ne!"