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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Thoreau's compass

...I know, many of you will think that I'm in love with this Thoreau passage:
but I need to send my new piece to London's Society of Scribes and Illuminators,
for the 2006 "Lay Member's Day" exhibition, and I can't make up my mind about
which new folio I should choose, so I thought I could submit to you all of them,
and wait for this funny "referendum" 's exit - believe me , I'm sincerely curious:
wonder what a response I will sort out of that...!

Image hosting by Photobucket

- vellum, irregular, ca.cms 07.09 x 09.08, last quarter of XVI century ;
- burnished silver leaf on red bole;
- ultramarine blue, lead white, carmine red;
- inks: lampblack from pinetree cenders; nut brown;
- turkey left minor rower quill & reed "qalam";
- graphia: "uncialis amalphitana" (ex "Tabula Protonthina", comment to "Tabula de Amalpha", ? Xth-XIth century).

Current Music: bacharach, "raindrops keep fallin' on my head"

I'll say once more: I like this beautiful miniature
and it's difference from your others.
...impatiently waiting for the rest new ones :)

by the way, about passage: splendid words! - so why
don't be in love with it? ))

I'll say once more...so very kind of you, dear! ;D

io scelgo questo!

questione di feeling...solo di feeling... :D e sai che i miei gusti sono SEMPRE ottimi. ciao ciao

Re: io scelgo questo!

grazie, 月夜様...ci avrei giurato, che avresti scelto questo!

This is incredibly beautiful! However, I appreciate the gaelic prayer you posted afterwards. It is more subdued and subtle and the prayer is so emotionally and spiritually moving. I have no knowledge of illuminations, so I do not know what the experts would like, but that is my simple opinion

Best wishes


oh, choshi様...it feels FAR better to read such words
from you, more than all as you say you are "far" from
a scribe's world - so, knowing your acute and highly
selective "eye" I think no comment could suit better:
I too like the "prayer" as a text, but I felt as this
one was likely to be appreciate for its completeness...
in fact, this is maybe my final choice - thanks lots for
always being a great supporter to my things and moods,

This one. Definitely.

very kind of you, summerki様...and I have
already sent right this piece - as you can
see it now, mounted this way: I myself do
appreciate the simpleness I could sort out
this time, some far from my usual "pumped"
style...it seems to be a shared feeling by
many of LJ friends! ;D