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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I want to pay a due and deeply felt "hommage à" my dearest friend
and sensei Mrs.Shindo Kazuyo 様, who is always so very kind to me,
always ready to teach and correct me, taking me by the hand along
the hardest path of learning her beautiful language...so this is her
splendid tanka version of the haiku I posted on dec.22nd LJ page,
which I dare to show within a photo of my hometown on a misty day:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

migite ni ha
shiroi hanabira
hidarite ni
yuki no hitohira
fuyu no kanashiki


Current Music: a japanese flute through the mist

your hometown -
the song is heard
in frosts...


we have -40C...

nice lines, Rad....and EEEEEEEEEEK! SO COLD?!?...

today is -22C...



mes felicitations cher ami! la version anglaise di site est a venir!
pense a toi

oh ben enfin...je l'attends avec impatience!
et merci mille pour ce link, je me demandais
depuis longtemps quoi faire pour l'avoir...

approposito: tu ce l'hai degli amici a Bologna?

sì, fifi, ho un carissimo amico d'infanzia che vive
proprio a Bologna...e in questo periodo ci vive anche
Naomi, la figlia della mia amica americana Paula, che
studia in Italia e sta seguendo corsi universitari...
anzi, se vuoi leggerla, ha una pagina LJ anche lei:


grazie TANTISSIME!!!! le ho scritto... vedremo, spero che possiamo diventare amici))) io ora come ora non conosco nessuno a Bologna, ma c'e un certo Andrea, amico del mio Andrea, allora lo vedremo 9con sua ragazza) all'inizio di febbraio...c-zzo, tra una settimana vado in Ita!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

peccato che non vedro ne Napoli ne Amalfi... (vorrei veramente conoscerti!)))) forse in estate... hey-ho!!!!

sto penssando se sarebbe possibile di fare gli studi e insieme lavorare a Bologna... heum... vedremo!)))))))))


Oh Amarufy

Thank you for my favarite sight of your home town.
The place you took this picture is the front of the big church in the center of the town ? Or is it the back side of the church ?

For me the sight of this , it looks as if wearing your tears .


Re: Oh Amarufy

so very kind of you, sakuo sensei: it feels so good to know
that such a friend has such a love as I have for this country!
altough this pic was taken not in Amalfi, but in a small town
4kms east called Minori (where I was physically born), and by
the same hill you appreciated the west view some posts ago:
here you are the east view of the Coast...so I will send you
some more pictures of Amalfi by @mail, only for you to enjoy,


Re: Oh Amarufy



It looks like the most picturesque little town in the world! I can't imagine waking up in the morning to the glory of this beautiful bay in the window every single day. I'd feel permanently ecstatic, which would definitely show, and people would say things about me.