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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...a very small thing - minimal, weakly speaking, too softly
sounding - and it's not the first time I use this so peculiar
"soundtrack" to a post...but it's how I'm feeling like tonight,
and I like to dedicate this mood and its mirroring little work
to you all my excellent friends: check the song and listen...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"time it was, and what a time,
a time, a time of innocence,
a time for confidences...
...long ago, it must be,
I have a photograph,
"preserve thy memories",
they're all that's left you"

- calfskin vellum, cms 08.03 x 13.04
- marine pinetree cenders (writing ink)
- gold leaf 23.1/3 kts gilded on gesso
- seagull major left rower (quill)
- self crafted colours (terrae)

Current Music: simon & garfunkel, "bookends"

Belissimo! :)

too kind of you, Origa様...I don't know why I made
up my mind and posted that, I was going through a
very peculiar moment, and it is still lasting now:
I suppose it was just to say "I'm tired, people"...

The artist in you is not tired, at least it feels like that ... Be well!

mmmh...always this too a big word,
for such too a little man...thanks!

very beautuful!

i love simon & garfunkel too...


shoukran ila', as'sadiq...anta fi, alaikum
salaam wa'l rahmat'ullah wa'l'barakatu...
(and please forgive my horrid arab speaking!)


salam in Tartarian (from Arabian) is "chiao"...
i don't know Arabian :(

bully for you!

oh oh....well, sorry then, and a real CIAO by heart! ;D

bongours comment vas tu? j'espere qu'c'est bien... une belle image, comme d'hab...
moi je suis tombee amoureuse de "historycal fantasy" de Vera Kamsha, une dame-ecrivain de Saint Petersbourg... tu sais, elle, (avec ses amis) a cree la societe russe du rois Richard III, le dernier des Plantagents, calomnie par les Tudors et Shaekspear...

ecco... miss you :-)))

oh oh....te voilà lancée au milieu d'une autre
"aventure"?!? eh eh!...excuse-moi pour ne pas
avoir écrit, mais crois-moi c'est seulement hier
que j'ai lu ta dernière, concernant Bologna etc:
certes, si je peux le faire, je serai à ton entière
disposition au moment où tu en as besoin, chérie!...
I missed you too, hope your Xmas was excellent: let
me know what you are going to do, ok?...ciao fifi!

good looking !

I am very pleased to see your beautiful decoration board.
How large it is ? I want to know real size of it.
How do you write text ?
Do you have any special Font in your computer?


Re: good looking !

thanks, sensei...oh, NOT fonts, all my works are
totally HANDWRITTEN, I craft myself all the items
and the research of HANDS is rigidly historical:
the size, as you can see above,is 8.03x13.04 cms.

Great Art

Oh, it is great!
I have red it now , I could read it.
This is a poem written with special lettering of
human hand.
Wonderful Art and Great skill.


Re: Great Art


...I don't know what song you're talking about (though I may know the music... at least it seems to be so), but I know the words.
I actually don't like these words last time... but I like this your "thing" :)
it looks very gently and light... little like a photograph "for memories"... and seems to be a last trace of such photo (that could ever been in its frame)... eluding but neverending remembrance...

and I like very much this dotty-flowered-style (and often use it, although with other materials)

I'm glad to see you here again :)

it's a very old thing by Simon & Garfunkel, dear Allina,
one of the sweetest I've ever heard...but I sincerely
don't know why I decided to transfer this deep pleasure
to THAT small piece of vellum...it was a sudden impulse,
perhaps after a sudden change of mood, who can say?
and I'm glad to have you here again, dear!... :D

...re-looking through your page, I can't be "non-stopping" here -
to say that from your last works I like this one very much too...
as much as a "dradoned"-one. or, may be, even more :)

dragoned ))

:D ...the dragon's charm, eh eh... ;p

...if you only could know how much dragons there're in my life!

...well, it seems you have one more now!... ;D

oh... I feel bad without them! ;p