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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
slow death

I apologise with all my friends for my long missing on LJ pages, and perhaps for some posts
or comments I haven't been noticing nor answering: I'm going through a very bad moment
both for mood and engagement, as my mother is not well, and she got worse along Xmas'
"holidays"...sorry once more - but the only words I could find into myself were these poor,
half-saying, unusefully moaning, maybe stupid two haiku's lines:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


jinsei ha
migi ni herasete
hidari ame

one life is exhausting on my right, one rain on my left


kaben migi
seppen hidari ni
fuyu no naki

winter’s cry - a petal on the right, a snowflake on the left

Current Music: none can be heard

Good to see you back, Kamome san! No need to apologise ... Sorry to hear about you mother's illness. You have my full sympathy on this...

A very fitting picture for your ku; nice work, dear freind. Hang on there ...

thanks, origa様...lots of sympathy, is what we truly need.

petals on the right...
snowflakes on the left
thawing out in air

dear allina... :)

Beautiful poem and photo.....They fit the mood of your feelings beautifully...It is good to see you and I wish you , you rmother and your family well this new year


thank you for the good words and better wishes, choshi様...but,
more than all, thanks for the sympathy I can feel in you. I am
sorry for not having posted on your own LJ last page, which I
found deep and beautiful as well - let me express here my best
wishes to you and all your dearest ones, for this new year.

You welcome, don't apologize for not writing. Live Journal should be fun , but not an obligation...and thank you for your good wishes for the New Year



sure, choshi様, a blog can be fun and nothing else...but to my
eyes LJ is a special place, where special people ask me to feel
(and oblige me to be) ME with them all...and this ME treasures
everything of this place, and every moment with them.

oh gabbiano, i'm sorry to hear about your mother being so ill. your beautiful haiku are truly from the depth of your soul.

you will hear music once again. my thoughts and prayers are with you dear friend...


I often think I would like so much to always have a smile in my pocket,
as well as I wish friends to always have music in their hearts...so that
I could offer it to whom deserves, when my brain and face can't be
so "present" as to show and say my sincere gratitude...thanks,oki様:
I know that you considered precious my prayers, and the same do I now.

Good-by destiny !


kamome tobe
syukumei saraba
yume no chi he

fly a gull
good-by to your destiny
to the dream land

thank you for your sharing,


thanks for being here, sakuo sensei.
and thanks for BEING, so very near.


I know this location!!!!!!!!


Kisses Ka'


eh eh eh!...ciao, aiko様!