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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...WHAT A SHOW!...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
people, people, people...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
gaia and I

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
some good friends

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
with my glamourous hostesses

dear LJ friends,
many of you asked me to see some photographs of my works' exhibition,
which is still on show in my town - well, this is the first time I add an
URL herein, so I hope it's goin' to work in the way I believe, and which
I have just learnt on LJ FAQ page: forgive me if it won't, it means that
I will have to learn more and better...please accept my sincere welcome
to Villa Carrara, and my very many thanks for visiting my work here,



(I hope you won't consider me a worse PEACOCK than I actually am:
all these pics are here just because all the people in them kept
on asking me more and more "hey, and why not OUR photographs?!"...)

Current Music: the warszaw concert

thank you for giving a chance of joining your visitors!
I hope, now you have only pleasant cares with this exhibition :)

...and this pretty girl in red, near you - Gaia? (she's very similar to you)

oh, SO strange, that many of you all friends find such
a similarity...no, Gaia is the short haired pierced one
that you will see with me in a SINGLE photo on the album
I address friends to over here...and thanks for joining,
farfALLINA...wait for you again and more! ;D

Congratulations, Gabbiano! What a wonderful exhibit of your beautiful art. You have many friends and supporters. You look very handsome in your tuxedo. Thank you for sharing your pictures :) I enjoyed them very much! The girl in the first photo looks like she could be related to you. She is very beautiful. Warm wishes, Bette.

oh, I understand now...and NO, the only one
related to me, my daughter, is the pretty
LOTS-PIERCED one you will find on the photo
album, if you will have patience to visit me
at the URL I give here above...thanks again.


First. What a distinguished looking group of people! YOU are a VERY handsome man, Gabbiano! VERY handsome. That grey beard and pony tail...My! YOU should know by now, that I ONLY know how to speak from my heart. What I see and what I like, I say it now. WOW!!! And to top it all ...your talents and gifts and with this face! okokok...enough of that. Let me check on your exhibits now. thanks for inviting me ...wish I was there in person! YOU blew me away! Very awestruck here! :-) Are U dating anyone? Hee, hee! Hmm...

WooHoo! Fantasimo! now, that is an invented word. Please be patient with me. :-)

ahehemm....BLUSH! BLUSH!... ;P

dear gabbiano...i sent a message earlier congratulating you, but it has not shown up for some reason. so I am congratulating you again! i enjoyed your fotos. it looks like you had a great pezzo da esposizione (correct italian?). the bello girl in this photo looks much like you. and you look so elegante in your abito nero. contratulazione! (hope i used the correct italian words :)


your italian grows better and more by the day,
bette, I'm sincerely surprised...I'd like to
understand which girl is the "bello" one you
say...hope NOT the one in red, I hate too
glamourous things as you know so well...eh eh!
thanks again, lots, by heart - missed you,

It's working just fine! Seems that the exhibition is very successful, and you're thriving there in the waves of attention, surrounded by beatiful women! I love the tiny book, it's as beautiful as a jewel.

thanks lots, sweet mushi様...unluckily, ONE more
beautiful woman was missing, :( ;P
anyway, I will try and post some more images of
the little things that you seem to love better, 


my congrats, dearest friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry I wasn't there ... :-(

I was and am sorry too, fifinette!
we all missed such a smart and
goodlooking Lady to enrich the
night... ;P

What a beautiful event it must have been. I see you have a very nice turn out. Were you satisified with the numbers who attended? I imagine this was a lot of hard work and dedication-to put together-not to mention of course-the heart and soul of your work. The "little books" are very interesting. I would like to know more about those. Are they "hand-made" as well as scribed by you?

Your a very handsome man. Now I know why I feel as if we have met. You resemble someone who was once very close to me. I so wish you were not half a world away! I would have loved to attend this lovely showing. Thank you for sharing these with me.

so very kind of you, both for the compliments to my little things
and - oh well let me be for once the Narcyssus I am! - for the ones
to myself: I would be so deeply, truly pleased to have you and all
my splendid LJ friends here with me, together with the so many who
are paying their attention to my work through this last week...and
it's ME to thank you for sharing.

yes, the books are TOTALLY made by me, from the papermill till the
final signature...I obviously can't make the leathers for binding,
but it's the only item I buy - and believe me, they are far more
engaging than all my larger folia!...

Books I have made have been very simplistic - to say the least... but I do enjoy making them. Do you make your own "paper" on which you scribe? I am very fussy about my paper - so I do appreciate the art of both bookmaking and papermaking. I love working with handmade papers in most of my art projects. I tried a paper recipe about 3 weeks ago - and saw my life go before my eyes. I swore - "Never again" will I try this. Such an investment in time and some basic materials/preparation... and the results were horrific. The end result reminded me of egg cartons. ;)

oh, I am some lucky about this, as in my homecountry
the tradition of handmade paper is VERY ancient, and
the quality overgoes whatever I could try and do by
myself alone...I wrote this somewhere 'round here, a
friend of mine owns one of the most ancient papermills
and kindly offers me the chance to profit of some coin
of her ovens, when they aren't totally full-cooking...

Dear Kamome, I don't have words to express how I impressed by all: your exhibition, the friendly climate on it, well felt even through the photos, your grand and majestic look, aspect. MY HOTEST CONGRATULATIONS!
You are able to share with people the fruits of your gifts and labour.
I'am very glad of you!!

well, what can I say? you are filling this room
with so big compliments...and, more than all, it
sounds (BLUSH! BLUSH!) as the too kind eyes of
all you Ladies on LJ are watching a man who is
totally unknown to his own mirror... ;D
...jokes apart, very many thanks, taysha: I'm
harvesting some fruits after a hardest work,
and I feel honoured to share this moment with
my special friends on these pages.

Ciao, Akcharlak!
You aren’t seagull! You are simple beauty-man! :)))
and like to my father :)))

sunlight and wind to you!

oh oh...BLUSH!!!
many thanks for the undeserved compliment:
I'm figuring myself the face of poor daddy,
when he knew he was compared to such a one... ;P

but, but...I, too, would like to see the face
of my unknown friends: why don't you post it
too?...in the meanwhile, have the nicest of

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There are many "threads" I can pull on with your rich and generous posting, despite how busy you are.....The one that is strongest is

Gaia and you...How beautiful together....I know that you understand and feel the 'steam" from my morning coffee.....Warm wishes ~P

kind of you, choshi様, and thanks for visiting
this crowded room...yes, I think you're right!

I wish you great inspiration!
I very like your art!

Thank you very much for the present.
Here is from me:

Stone in Nara



Cristmas kisses

Dear Kamome,
thank you again! Let you life in 2006 be curioser and warmer
Here is how I feel you before I have seen your photos :)
/tis just a feeling/

kind of you - and NICE!, really, dear petrik! ;D
...have the nicest of Xmases and new years!

After watching the slideshow I feel like having been soaked in the atmosphere of your exhibit, dear Kamome-sama. It feels very good. I noticed some familiar works. And one familiar face of the gentleman with the most smashing looks one can imagine. Yeh, you are soooo handsome dressed in all black with a touch of platinum. I liked it how miniatures were beautifully laid in the window with mother-of-pearl leaves. And I noticed a pretty exhibition leaflet. All this framing!!! You did some job, dear Kamome-san. I wish you many more exhibits in future! And everything else - only the bestest.

yes, "some work, all this framing"...! I will only reply
with the simplest of thanks, both for these words and the
ones in your deleted reply on your own LJ page...thank you.