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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I feel as to apologise with all LJ friends for being
prolongedly missing their beautiful pages: I am very
busy at the moment, both with my daily work and the
exhibition to come on the end of next week...there
always are lots things to do and get ready for, and
I am also feeling some too lazy and tired, lately:
I hope that this little "no-reason-for" gift to all
of you will help everybody to forgive my unchosen,
unintentional unkindness...thank you in advance.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


parchment, cms 3.04 x 4.05
seagull left small rower
lapislazzuli blue
lead white (powders)
inks (red and brown)
gold leaf on gesso

Current Music: schiller-beethoven, "o freunde, nicht diese töne"

No reason to apologize, Gabbiano. That's what friends are for. To understand and accept each other with our daily life's schedule-
and YOUR absence, ONLY makes OUR hearts grow fonder no? LOL!!!!

This must be such tedious work. Turn out great. the colors stimulate hd thoreau's thought. The frame is rather European. Luv it!

hmm...somewhere I smell Swiss Cheese! :-))))

"tedious"? oh, why?...it is true that I've been told once
(well - written, on the exhibition's guestbook we use to
put somewhere for people to sign and comment):

"ANCHE LA PAZIENZA È UN'ARTE" (patience, too, is an art)

...but I am not "tediated" by my work, even if it can
become lots tiring sometimes - and what cheese d'ya mean? :D

"ANCHE LA PAZIENZA È UN'ARTE" (patience, too, is an art)

You must have lots of patience as well. Backhome, in school all students were required to learn calligraphy as part of our art cirriculum. We used Indian Ink with our funky pens. Is that the same kind of ink you use?

oh, well...I use to craft by myself all the items,
with obvious exceptions for vellum and metal leaves
which I could never do and that I generally purchase
from the best producers: but I can say that finally
the things are the same since middle ages and before,
just few changes - for instance, when using a modified
cut fountain pen I will need to create a very fluid ink,
so that a modern base to work on suits it far better.

...but I am not "tediated" by my work, even if it can
become lots tiring sometimes - and what cheese d'ya mean? :D

the swiss must have been so tedious as to make holes in their cheese no? when no else cared to? hmm...something to ponder in YOUR VERY busy schedule! LOL

lol lol lol...hee heee heee! ;P

bonne chance a toi, cher ami, avec ton expo et le tout...

pense a toi et t\embrasse

merci bien, fifinette...j'aimerais bien vous voir
ici ces jours-là tous les deux - et pourquoi pas?

you know... while looking ar your folio(s), I've suddenly thought:
you must be a (very) good archer!..

is it right?

thanks...but it's hard this time to catch the meaning,
dearest farfALLINA: no, I'm not all that good archer!
would you mind explaining your words to this goofy one?


not any specially meaning :)
just a chain of my associations -
such a very minute work demands scillful (I'd even say - nonfaltered) hands and sharp eyes...
the same features are necessary for archery

even don't know, why this "archery" came to my mind

Re: :)

well this one is NOT all that "minute, allina:
if you remember, I have sent you a photo of my
"microbooks", which I sew and bind and write
all by myself - that red one you can see in the
middle (cms 2.02 x 3.09, 36 pagg.parchment paper,
red leather binding) is today a whole VIA CRUCIS,
wherein the "useful" part of the page is reduced
to cms 1,04 x 2.05, and written on 6 lines with
gildings and illuminations....

surely, I remember! (appalingly ones!)

...I mean not only this folio, of course :)
and not the folio exactly
but defined level of scills
(folio is showing)

...well, may be I found wrong words...

Re: surely, I remember! (appalingly ones!)

whatever word you may find, I think
I would understand anyway...too kind
of you, farfALLINA, as usual! :D

Beautiful words.

yes...I love thoreau since my earliest
youth,his WALDEN is a true masterpiece.

You absolutely inspire me.

I say...
after the holidays...
I want to...

do so many new things.

I would love to see the desk where you work these lovely renderings.

thanks indeed, 50D...I will send you a photo
of my "alchemy cave", where I sit and ask
the future to my glass balloon, and cook
bats and lizards for love filters... ;P

ohhhhhhhhh how intrigueing. ;)

thank you dear gabbiano for your thoughtful gift. most beautiful lettering and quotation :) i'm thankful for my LJ friends, too. i hope you are able to share pictures of your exhibit with us.

Warm wishes always,

lots thanks, dear bette...it's truly being
a hard week: you know, I was invited to
exhibit in my own region by some friends
and public institutions and - as it always
happens in such cases - they do NEVER allow
time enough to get everything in order and
ready...I hope I'll be able to show something
of all this mess through the week to come...