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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
for Akiko

a very early folio, can't even remember when I did it:
must be something about '96/'97, and with no "style",
no layout, no composition, so very childish sort of a
half-japanese cartoon...it was actually meant to be an
"hommage à" Yosano Akiko, with one of her poems written
in "gothica rotunda secunda" and silver, but in italian:
I dare post it here today, as I have just realised that
there was no other place where it could suit better in...

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michi o iwazu
nochi no omowazu
na o towazu
koko ni koi kou
kimi to ware miru

without asking what will life be like, nor right or wrong,
or fame, you and me in love, eyes in the eyes one another.

ps: ...I only have this poem printed in romaji, and very little
time to try a check of my writing, so I hope it won't be too much
wrong in my choice of kanji - but maybe sakuo sensei will help...

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beautiful :)

...even with "no style, no layout, no composition" -
very exact words
and folio reproduces the essence perfectly

Re: beautiful :)

thanks, allina - for this is not a compliment
and agrees to my personal feeling with this
old work - yes, I liked the idea of the two
lovers so formally dressed up in a public
moment, and forgetting it ll because of
the other one's eyes...

that is what they are saying to each other yeah?

what need is there for words,
when thine eyes speak
the language of the heart?

or they could be saying this:

so deep our gaze
where desires wed
what need is there?

Re: or they could be saying this:

wick様, dear...I appreciated so much
your lines - and I had been mumbleing
lots last day to recall to my memory
(and I didn't) the word GAZE...thanks
lots for replies - I happen to get ALL
of them "screened", and goin'through
troubles to respond: is it MY problem,
or are you all screening posts?

Nice to know U are alive LOL

I have been encoutering many technical difficulties with Lj recently. It is not quite up to par yet. I am still not being notified when a fellow Lj user responds to my posts. Oh, well, que serra serra! So glad to be able to read your posts. Danke. Basically, I go from page to page to find responses when time permits.

very nice and colorful work with the connection of lovers' eyes.

so kind of you, bette様, thanks...but my
opinion about is the one you can read above
and below, in my reply to mr. andrea...


I'm very struck by this work, Gabbiano... so beatiful, so original, so... Bellissimo!
Thank you for sharing.


I don't know WHOM mr.andrea of the so many I know
I'm speaking to, as it is a very common name here
in my birthcountry, and I have lots andreas among
my friends - but very many thanks for such a too
big compliment: really, i think that this work
doesn't deserve all that admiration - although
I need to admit it's some peculiarly original...

c-zzo che BELLO!!!!

...hai bisogno di un nuovo oculista, tu, vero?... ;P

And where is English lines of tanka? :)

lol...I hope you weren't mean sort of "my" version!
anyway, it is as well, for I myself dared try the
translation that can be read above... :(

sakuo trial

michi o iwazu
nochi no omowazu
na o towazu
koko ni koi kou
kimi to ware miru


without saying moral
without thinking result
without asking honor
here it loves the love
you and I

sakuo sensei

Re: sakuo trial

very many thanks for this kindest correction
and personal version in english, sakuo sensei:
I'm so glad to see that I had made only a few
mistakes in my "supposed" kanji transcription!

a few mistake

In short poem, one mistake word rob whole life from the poem.
roma-ji miti
your kanji 美知 means beautyful inteligence.
my kanji 道  means moral.

There is great difference between two kan-ji.
Kanji is 漢字?or 感じ?

sorry Japanese is too complicated


Re: a few mistake

yes, I agree...and I have just re-read the original
written version, as my japanese sensei and friend
zumi sama has sent it too - I need to study harder
and more, moRE, MORE, sakuo sama!...yet I can answer
some one or two questions tho! ;D
it's 漢字, and I appreciated lots the ALL-JAPANESE
comment closing your post, that PRECIOUS "sorry"...!