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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I need to apologise with all my LJ friends, as I'm missing on their
beautiful latest pages since lots...but there's a valid reason for:
I've been asked by several friends and Organizations supporting
me to realise an exhibition of my earliest works within the first
fortnight of next december, so I'm kept truly "under pressure" both
by my daily life and by the hardest work that such an event needs,
to be carried on in a serious and elegant way - in order to answer
the most correctly to my excellent supporters' greatest engagement
with my unworhty "opera"...how I would like you all to be there!,
but I promise I'll try to post at least some photos of it.....


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the only "classic" page I have ever done - the opening verses of the
MAGNIFICAT on an ancient small parchment sheet (cms 16.04 x 24.00),
with hammered gold leaf and flat burnished bronze leaf - the colours are
terrae and gouache, the feathers a caudale and a left rower of turkey,
and the graphia is TEXTURA QUADRATA to be dated in mitteleurope or
in northern italian area about the third quarter of the XVth century.

Current Music: ...a chaotic mix of voices sounds rumors...

avec tout mon coeur, cher ami, je suis avec toi!))))

merci mille, fifinette...je n'aurais jamais pensé
poster CETTE image ici!, mais ça semble être une
occasion parfaite pour le faire....une sorte de
"test" enfin, une épreuve générale, n'est-ce pas?



This is very nice, Kamome, and the most authentic looking to 15th century (to my poor knowledge, at least). The best of luck with your exhibition! :) Will wait for the photos!

...I'd like you to be here, origa様 - thanks,
for this one's a very old work, and I wasn't
(well, I don't know if I AM NOW!) so skilled
and good at...

perfect timing for peaceful images. don't quite understand the message with the image, but really ...does one have too?

Wishing you ONLY the best and thanks for sharing your inspirations with us all. Truly grateful.

oh, there was no message, wick様...its just the first
lines, "magnificat anima mea Dominum", Mary's prayer:
you know, dear - we can claim for ourselves the right
and decision (or whatever you may call it) to believe
in anything we like best, but I do often realize that,
when one is "praying", most "familiar" figures (maybe
coming out from some strange path of a subterranean
childhood's reminiscence) appear to eyes and heart
with a clearer "light" than other ones...and I happen
to with Mary - I don't believe it is sort of mother-
depending feeling, but mediterraneans are perhaps some
nearer to such a figure...I don't know why, sincerely.
thanks lots indeed for compliments and wishes...just
come here and enjoy those days with me!...

come here and enjoy those days with me!...

I shall :-) Speaking of Mary...Hmm...if U ONLY knew...

>appear to eyes and heart
with a clearer "light" than other ones...and I happen
to with Mary -<


I am just speechless.
The work is beautiful - and I can see I have some research to do.

I don't understand what "researches" you are
talking about, dear 50DS...but I thank you for
such kind words - I'd like to see your works,
some day, but I still can just READ on your LJ,
and I haven't found any images yet...

Just when we mentioned her...


this article was published today in my hometown. I just find it a little strange that we just spoke about her...

hoax or true is not the question for me. but the timing to be reminded of her is quite remarkable. Hope your day is going fine, Gabbiano. Thanks for your friendship.

It looks very beautiful to me. I like that seagull over the glorioles :о), and letters in jeweled squares that go diagonally...
Let me wish your exhibit HUGE success! Try to be not distracted by anything, but, please, post some photos afterwords.

thanks, vash様...I thought nobody would ever notice
the gull (instead of the usual dove) over the angel!
and it is a pleasure as well as to be told by such a
"elegant" creator of images that she enjoyed MY funny
composition...thanks lots for your highly appreciated
wishes for the exhibition: be quite sure I will post
something...oh, not too much, I'm such a shy one... ;P