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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I've been mumbleing lots, and lots, and lots more, whether to post this image
herein or not: I gave the last brush stroke to this canvas the night before my
daughter Gaia (yōko、陽子) was born, and it has always been hung on the
nearest wall to my working desk, right under my eyes...I also need to say that
it suddenly became sort of a personal seal, "sign" on every painter's catalogue,
along all the exhibitions of my work that I have done (no matter what kind of,
both folia or paintings), wherever I've been with my pens pencils and brushes:
and this is the weak reason I had to post it here, but I made up my mind only
now - don't ask me why, I couldn't say...perhaps it is after today's mood, or a
longlasting indian summer, or...or whatever you may like to think, both of me
and about it - I hope I'll be once again (once more, I should say) forgiven...
...it's too a personal and "far" choice, I suppose.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Music: a moon lullaby cuddling the waves
Just because...

First: You got my full attention now. :-) Did you mention a daughter named Gaia? What an inspirational name. Gaia, also known as Earth. Hmm. Very deep.

Secondly, what a blessed daughter to have her father's undivided attention.

Thirdly, is that a harp I see floating in the with the rising tides?

Incredibly beautiful!

By the way, I am a mother of two, so whenever someone mentions their children...they get my undivided attention. For there is no call greater than being a parent. The purest form of love and joy is with our children. :-)

Your daughter must think the world of YOU!

Re: Just because...

mh mh...Gaia, but chosen under its main italian meaning of
"happy, serene" - which doesn't shelter us from having our
normal quarrels and yell one another like every parent/son
couple, even being so very similar in many ways - thanks God,
NOT in her physical shape, she was as wise as to allow her
likeness to daddy not to go further than her eyes and hands!
and...oh well, I don't know for sure, I couldn't exactely
say WHAT her mind is about me, or what she thinks of...

...and mh mh, it's a harp - at that time, I was doing one of
what I used to call "sequences" which means something like
"telling a tale through images" which were supposed to drive
their reader along a circular and endless path: so, I tried
to "take by the hand" my fruitor/public and take him along
a serie of pictures, sequentially tied but with no beginning
nor end to this sequence - and this was the aim of every single
exhibition, based on a main theme...here, HARPS (my favourite
idea of music) half/totally grown up with the scenery were the
heart and the "narrator" of such an operation...

...thanks for your kindest appreciation,
it feels good to hear that from you...

I gave the last brush stroke to this canvas the night before my daughter Gaia (yookiko、陽気子) was born,

Priceless moment! Is it okay to ask, how old your daughter is now?

cryptic language?

...it's too a personal and "far" choice, I suppose.

this part is quite cryptic. But I suppose we are not to decode it. Stay a mystery! It's far more interesting! Such is life! Heehee!

for some reason I seem to understand I think...

Re: cryptic language?

oh...just meant to say that some things are "different"
and far as intention, so that they sometimes happen to be
added to other ones on strange emotional paths...where
nothing can be said logic or sequential - too personal, ね!

some coming words

...you know... returning to this page again and again, I've been thinking a lot about... not because of the some common strokes with "shojo"-image :), but...
one of my last year word-drafts seems to be copied from this canvas - colours of the sky... the harp... the wind...
should I wonder or not? don't know... :)
and furthermore,
not only coincidences make me returning here... but the feelings, sensations that run over the canvas. sensation of the human being that is going to born (the mostly severe trial)... I know it very well and always recognize...

words are over
if there could be exhibition of your work, I'll be standing by this canvas for hours. keeping silence.

d'you know, how I feel looking at... ?
as if my heart is this harp being blown through with all these winds... and sounds are undescribable.

Re: some coming words

thanks for these deepest kindest words, allina:
absolutely, totally the same as I myself felt when
painting it - oh, I remember that so clearly, you
know?...and THERE IS a next-to-come exhibition of
my work, sort of a "retrospective" here in my town
from december the 10th to 14th - I was asked by
"soliciting and tickleing" friends, even against
some reluctance by my side - underground thought,
maybe an unkind one but many times true in my own
past experiences, that NEMO PROPHETA IN PATRIA...
but I accepted because of friends' big engagement
and strongest will to realise all this - so let me
profit of this page to invite all of LJ friends,
and to WARN YOU, you MUST be here! ;P

I'm in sorrow!

...you're broking my heart, gabbiano!
I MUST be here!
but I can't... :(((

so, what should I do???

Re: I'm in sorrow!

...leave down every other thing there and jump on a plane....

Re: I'm in sorrow!

...if it could be so easy...

Re: I'm in sorrow!

naaaaaaaaaaah...it IS!