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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


kono shiro mo
kanashiku yo ni
kurosou da

sad night – when even this white seems turn to black

inks and gouaches on handmade papers
silver leaf 925% - cms 11.07 x 29.04

Current Music: wagner, "parsifal", prelude

tres beau et symbolique...

merci bien, fifinette - mais crois-moi, la nuit
si triste était bien réelle, point de symboles...


great work on the gradation of blue ink. almost looks like rubbed chalk or pastel.

excellent piece :)

thanks once again, bette様!

tonight...the moon reflects ocean ripples.

that is what I see in your brushstrokes of the moon. breathtaking! :-)

thoughtful lines - your words kept me watching
my moon and mumbleing for a very long time...

(no brushstrokes...it's a silver leaf gilded on)

your words kept me watching
my moon and mumbleing for a very long time...

gazing at the moon
the black bird
not revealing your thoughts
bamboo remains oh! so calm

very nice, wick!

Blue and braun, and quite... Sad mood comes from both painting and poetry.

...nicely sensible eye you have: it's right
because of sadness that I've chosen such a
mournful and dissequenced mix of colors...

special Ukiyo-E

Those original Ukiyo-E have given me strong impact.
You are quite skilfull painter.
Are you profesional ?

I am going to trip, starting tomorrow morning
till 5 th of Novbember.


Re: special Ukiyo-E

oh well...I wouldn't dare say I am a "professional",
sakuo先生, as my "normal" work is the teacher - but
I do consider (and let me tell it in italian, as I'm
sure that everybody will understand!) the teaching
my LAVORO (仕事), whereas being a scribe/painter is
my MESTIERE (手仕事)...


how can I explain my sensation of your paints (especially seagull-themed),
if I have no such nontrivial words even in russian, even in my stock of words???

thank you for these beautiful beads :)

thank YOU for being here...thank you for BEING.