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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


murasaki uta ga
yuuyake ni

iris, violet song through this sunset

inks and gouaches on handmade papers
gold leaf 23.33 kt - cms 11.05 x 29.05

Current Music: piazzolla/solanas, "vuelvo al Sur"

This is incredibly beautiful! [Did you make the paper also?]

always too kind, choshi様...yes, a good friend of mine
owns one of our ancient papermills - it is naturally
mostly modern and mechanised now for bigger production,
but when she has room in one of the ovens she phones me
to ask if I want to TRY AND DRY something "special"...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oops, forgot to sign in,,,,,,, Ah, soo des ney....!

U may need some Euros to purchase this piece for MOI

I agree Paul. Maybe, YOU will purchase this piece for me? ROFL. okokok...just joking, U should know me by now and my compulsion for antics. :-)

Re: U may need some Euros to purchase this piece for MOI

But, it is funny that you mention a paper purchase of this beutiful art....I just yesterday purchased a Japanese woodblock print.>>!!!!!

You are truly tuned in ~p

Mesmerized for sure! Now, how long does it take you to produce such a piece?

sunset hours sing in the color purple

well, this is almost a "simple" piece, by the point
of view of a scribe...but it takes some good four
or five days anyway, considering the metal works.

Ahhhhh!!! Mmmmmmm!!!!
I like very much, and most of all - that one of leaves is ragged a little.
Iris is my favourite flower.

my one too, after white roses - "kakitsubata" is
considered to be the samurai flower, because of
its sword-like leaves (SO cutting, if you don't
pay close attention when handling them!) and for
its impression and image of braveness, as it
rises so straight and proudly...thank you lots!

Very very beautiful. the colors are so striking and vivid. your handmade paper is lovely with its laid texture. what are the contents of the paper? this sort of work also looks like a surimono woodblock print with its special effects.

thanks, bette - well, our handmade papers are worked out
in many different ways, but commonly its a paste made of
cotton, celllulose (old papers) and fabrics; sometimes
(for instance, IMPORTANT and sophisticated letter papers)
by silk...the cotton % varies in order to the previewed
use (for instance watercolors); my own colors are TERRÆ
and natural pigments...thank you for the compliments,
but as you know it's not printed, just painted, and my
joke is to imitate the printing effects of woodblocks...

Amazing color harmony!

Now... I am probably intruding into the area I have not much expertise, but still. Because both the picture and iris haiku speak so much to me...
For the purposes of my Ikebana lessons I studied the works by Sotatsu, Korin, Hokusai, Kurashige et al in terms of proportion. I looked for Japanese harmony crossection, i.e. magic numbers 7-5-3. Not exactly, but in many cases I found it. Like "mountain" is 7, "empty space" is 5, and "tree" - 3. Or, like with Hokusai, "wave" is 7, "empty space" is 5, and "Fuji" - 3. It is approximately, of course. If "Fuji" is in focal point - then it can be even smaller in proportion, for it is meaningful - the positioning. The most important is exaggerated, and dominates, and then comes the order - 5-7-3. The order tends to reflect the reality of the mind of an artist\spectator, the reality of the real scene is important, but secondary... The proportion still stays there for it is responsible for the balance and harmony - purely aesthetic purposes.
In this beautiful piece I miss more water and air, and the effects of the Moon, or it feels disconnected. Of course I can be mistaken, and didn't see deeper. Then, dear Kamome-sama, please forgive me my awkward criticism.

oh, no, vash様, your comments are absolutely welcome,
and precious to me - yes, I admit I follow much more
my own eye's sense and vision that any "rule", even
if the rule is a MUST within the piece I'm producing:
you know how "rigid" I am about the measure in haiku,
but I sincerely need to apologise, as I always apply
(also, and far more often!, in my scribes' works) my
hyperpersonal "visual sensibility"...sorry for this
excess in self-value, I didn't know how to call this
so peculiar "sight" I was born with - but I always try
to make use and apply the SECTIO AUREA rule, which is
strictly near and similar to the japanese 5/7/3 rule.

Good for you, dear Kamome-sama. Your hyperpersonal "visual sensibility" is quite outstanding. I admire almost everything you do.

I can be sometimes such a goofy as to appear a total
unhumble one - therefore, let me please thank you once
again, but once more say ALL THIS IS NOT SKILLS, BUT
GIFTS I WAS GIVEN, and which I'm so very often no good
at managing with...

Yeah, you are gifted. This means you are very lucky.

What lovely work. May I friend you?

it's my honor and pleasure...welcome to my pages
and many thanks for your kindest compliments,


Thank you! I have added you - and welcome you to do the same. I look forward to reading your journal and seeing more of this beautiful work.