June 18th, 2016


endless love

how many times do you happen to leave a good piece unachieved, promising yourself to give it soon the beautiful final form you "have in mind"?...then you start watching it and mumbleing again and again, but no solution comes - so that the nice unfinished page wanders around your desk for months, until you make up your mind and add something that you know will definitely spoil the page, making you feel ashamed and unsatisfied...well, here you are a perfect sample! Don't mind the lines, I started writing "my idea" and ended by doing also a mess with the text - my only solace, the XVth century bâtarde anglaise has exactly that "rough, half-legible" aspect I wanted...the theme, clearly recognizable, is summarized in the gilded image where I married a heart and the Ouroboros sign for infinite [∞], meaning our endless love for "the letters" and their mesmerizing forms.