May 28th, 2016



an essay with different inks (Fabbrica Italiana, circa 1930/40s) and vintage pointed nibs for this essay in greek cursive on my Amalfi handmade silk 90% paper: the quote is mine (oh, gosh!) as well as the mistakes: I missed a [με] in the last line and distractedly wrote [χρώμα] with an [ο] trying then to create - although a similar one DOES already exist - a new shape of the underlined [ο] for [ω]...of course, I also need to apologise for my very poor greek!

ο καλλιγράφος είναι ένας πολύ πολύτιμη άνθρωπος,
επειδή μπορεί να δώσει μορφή και χρώμα και
ευέλικτη κίνηση με τα λόγια του ποιητή.

(the calligrapher is a very precious man, for he can give shape and colour and agile movement to the words of the poet)