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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


gin yoru no
sewa ni naru dake

I only am alive thanks to a silver night

inks and gouaches on handmade papers
silver leaf 925% - cms 11.05 x 29.05

just an essay in the domain of UKIYO-E world...even though this one is not
printed but painted...correctly, it should be better called a TANZAKU・短尺
(which is a small narrow sheet) MAKI-E・膜き絵 (silver/gold powders or layers
applied on the sheet, to gain such a light's precious effect in the painting.

Current Music: paolo conte, "rêveries"

Oh. gosh! Is there no end to your talent & gift? Or rather your discipline? Fabulous painting.

the ocean, a paradise for the lone seagull.

...no more than a try, wick様, and my first one too:
I promise I will do my best to make something better...

I always am curious

Look at the rippling waters as the seagull slides into the water? And U are telling me that this is your first try? okiedokie!

so, how old were U when U fancied painting and in this format?

Re: I always am curious

me or not - other is that I was born in some way a
painter, with such hands...but I had never tried to
draw this style and way, the occasion was given by
a very nice friend's gift: Tsukiyo様 sent me a very
beautiful and well done book about ukiyo-e world...

This painting is fantastic, Kamome san! :)

thank you, origa様...and more precious compliment, as
it comes from such a specially gifted sumi-e author!

Kamome.. I don't have a word! Fantastic picture!

ehi...thanks the Being, I have a consistent
and good sheltering beard, so you won't see
me blushing so many times...thank you! :D

e' bello...

grazie, "dolcetto"... ;P

oh...this is fabulous! beautiful art and expression. i love the length and depth of this. yes...it would be a wonderful tanzaku...but i wouldn't want it to get spoiled by hanging out in the weather or as a prayer flag :)))

many thanks, bette様, as always so kindest of you...but I still
won't dare essays on silk and fabric, as I do not possess any
technics about yet, so you won't see "my flags" hangin'round... ;P

Hi dear Kamome-san!
I like the new technique. It is about textures - one can almost feel them. The image is beautiful...
The format of your LJ motivated me to buy a really wide screen monitor. :o)

welcome back, vash様...I agree, I think I too
will need a wide screen - I often happen not
to be able and check the whole piece before
posting!...and I think I'm also gonna need
a new place where to post images, as I think
I'm reaching my limit on "photobucket": can
you suggest me somewhere similar and as well
easy to manage with? thanks in advance, and
BLUSH!...BLUSH! after your BIG compliments!

Thanks, dear Kamome-sama.
I use a convenient place for Russian LJ-users. Before that I used this:
There are also: http://www.photojo.com/tour/Tour.asp and http://www.imagestation.com/tour/upload_images.html - although I didn't use them, just saved in favorites to consider later.