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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
west view

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


seiten ni
hensou shiteru
aki gogo wa

this autumn afternoon, masked in nice weather

Current Music: amalia rodrigues, "eu queria cantar te um fado"

Picturesque! Great photography!

this image evokes this thought for me:
postcard from the far shores.

thanks, wick様...this is a west view from my
little town - upon the hill is Ravello, the
"città della musica", where Wagner composed
his Parsifal, and which you can see on that
flat above: we use to call this belvedere
"the balcony of God"...and believe me, it IS.

A curious mind............

somehow, everything seems so poetical in Europe! perhaps, it is deeply rooted in the culture itself.

In many ways, America lacks such culture, although, we house the many citizens from around the globe.

so, when or where or who or how or why did You study the art of *chinese* calligraphy. I am well aware that the poem U write is spoken in Japanese.

Re: A curious mind............

oh, well...I am a scribe, my dear, and I love japan since
a whole life - so it was natural to also try some essays
in 書道 ("shodou", the path of writing)...as for the language,
I'm studying one hour or sometimes less per night (and not
every night, I couldn't) since some months, thanks to splendid
people and excellent teachers/friends whom I have met online
through an italy/japan contacts site: I had bought my first PC,
and I thought I could get some serious and pleasant result from
this new "alien" machine entering my life...speaking is a rare
thing: I've spoken nihongo no more than some 10 times, taking
profit of some japanese occasional tourist coming to visit my
country...that's all, not so much, my friend!

Re: A curious mind............

ah. so.

You are quite disciplined in your quest. It's an admirable trait, Mr. Seagull...I forgot that *G* word for seagull.

Re: A curious mind............

"gabbiano"...thanks for the BIIIIG compliment, MadameWick... ;P

Re: A curious mind............

Oh! Gabbiano
is that you my eyes perceived
this early morning
in flight with the clouds
where for art thou going?

Anxiously, I await for your response. If U only knew what I was thinking where the seagulls were heading to, U will laugh your head off. So, Goooooooooooood Morning!

I live to laugh...so join in anytime!

Re: A curious mind............

...well, believe me, I DO often laugh with and after you,
and more than often warmly smile reading you...yes, it was
me that you saw this morning, my PrettyWickedMadame, and I
bet you wouldn't guess where I was headed to... ;P

where is it ?

I am sakuo, a freiend of yorukamome san , living in Tokyo Japan.
Where is it?
I have been to Italy and saw this photo scene near Amarufhy.


Re: where is it ?

Good Morning, Sakuo San. Nice to make your acquaintance. Thank you for your input and am truly happy for you that U have actually seen this place of beauty.

As for me, I have been to Narita Airport 4 times en route to Singapore.

May I add you as a friend?

Re: where is it ?

thank you for your reply.
You have come to here in Narita near Tokyo where I live.
Soon i visited to your site that are wonderfull photos.
It comes suprise to find , really the picture is Yorukamome san's
native village !!

Please add me to your friend.


Re: where is it ?

I did. :-) Thank YOU.

Re: where is it ?

what a nice surprise, sakuo先生, to hear that you have been
here and visited my birthcountry...and what a pity we hadn't
met yet at that moment! so I have an excellent witness, to
testify the real mood one can feel here - and which I poorly
try to show and say through my images and works...yes, I was
born and live exactly on the Amalfi Coast,

it is Amalfi Coast

Oh -- the God and Buddha.Increadible !!
I am now surprised by the happening. This is what rarely happens.

I went to all the lands of Italy for past 13 years, in order to draw a picture. The most favarit place is Amalfi in Italy. It's becase that it is very well alike in my home town.

They are climate, geographical feature, and a smell and humanity.

Since I want to show the photograph and picture of the trip,
I will send e-mails to you.


Re: it is Amalfi Coast

I will be VERY pleased and honored, sakuo先生:
as origa様 said, this world is so small...and
similars, just like contraries, DO attract one
another...come back soon then! and please send
me the photos, I truly long to see them.


this autumn afternoon masked in blue!

...why are you "masked in" this anonymous small blue
no-faced icon? allow us to enjoy your eyes again...

Eyes feast on this picture. They travel up the hill, over those villas in the groves, and to the "balcony of God". One can feel the warmth of the afternoon almost literally. Black cypress-trees fit here so beautifully. I like it.

right that way...my country was grown up with steps
sea flowers musics lemons and sun, sun, sun...welcome:
I will try and post somewhere'round here more images
of it for my friends to enjoy - thanks for compliments
to my photo, a simple one: Nature was the real author.

Yeah, nature is both grand and enchanting. But thank you for sharing!

and many thanks back to you, vash様, for sharing with me the Beauty
you give birth to in your beautiful heart, after my images and words.

i too appreciate you sharing such magnificence of nature and your world. "the balcony of God" is truly flowing with poetic beauty.

thanks, bette様...I think sometimes how good it would be
to have for once all of us all together (maybe on sort of
a "tourist trip"?) over that heavenly terrace...it's such
a warm thought for me, you know?

And I too, will join you in the terrace, Kamome san! :) Italy is also one of the favorite places where I would love to visit again... it's been 7 years since my last visit.

Beautiful photo-haiku, Kamome san! And Sakuo san has just imformed me that he had visited your place, Amalfi, a while ago -- what a small world we live in!!! :))) So, I came here to join your conversation, and to express my love for the "divina Italia" once more :)

...come the soonest, and carry ALL friends with you!... ;D

Friends are ready ...

... and express their happiness!