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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
at dawn

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


asa kitari
samuku narikeri
umi niou

sea fragrance getting colder, as morning is back

thanks to sakuo先生 for his kindest corrections.

Current Music: a far boat engine coughing through the mist
reminds me of Northern California!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

pounding waves break the morn

Re: reminds me of Northern California!

nice photo too, wick様...and a very
similar mood in it: thanks for sharing!

what a furious wave!

well, vlad様...it was smaller and lighter
than it appears in this pic - but the
feeling remains stronger and deeper...

on the dark waves morning highlights pile islets of foam

pale of course!

yuk yuk!... ;P

For some reason, the photo reminds me of the Count Monte-Kristo prison's island ... :)

I agree...the feeling too was some way the same... ;P

Why would you feel that way, dear Kamome san? :)

Take a look -- is that how you feel? :)))

hey...WHO told you I smoke so much as well?... ;P

I like the colour of foamed wave! A real aqua, sea-green!
But I didn't a little understood: sea fragrance getting colder when morning comed again? Usually it is cold at night. I can't catch the nuance of this poem, explain me, please!

ouch, taysha様...the hardest thing I've ever been asked
my whole life through, "explain your words"...!

...I don't know how to say - I meant a total and mostly
physical SENSATION, more than the simple "mood": the
reality of autumn driving both soul and world towards
their wintery BEING cold...and THIS, caught in the moments
I can "feel" ("realize"?) it best - for instance, in my
early morning passages along the seaside...

...sorry, I can't say it better, I have no other words.

I apologise for interrupting, Kamome san and Taysha -- I think the confusion for Taysha comes from the trivia that when the morning comes, it's usually getting warmer than it was at night. So, when you Kamome san, said that it's getting colder WHEN the morning comes back -- it appeared kinda weird to Taysha... because the expected physical sensation was exactly opposite! :)

You are absolutely write, Olga! Now I understand that Kamome speaks about parallel processes - it is cold morning and there is coldness in sea fragrance. Isn't it, Kamome? And thank you for your explanation!

thanks both, origa and taysha...yes, the thought is right a parallel proceeding of cold in nature AND in sensations - all this clearly felt together, as daylight breaks again, after a misty dawn when sensations are still "confused"...do you remember my previous "step" where I spoke of dawn? ...and thank you both for being here again!



海臭い」ではsea smell bad . 海が汚れて悪臭です。
この場合は umi nioi でなく、海匂うが綺麗です。

samuku ni naru mo は 寒くなりけり では如何でしょうか?


I would be very pleased, if you accept me.


Re: 海匂い

I accept for sure, sakuo先生!...it's kindest of you to correct
and explain it, although I havent had yet time enough to read
all your lines correctly - as I said, naturally and thankfully
I do accept...but I need to ask you more, for even one of my
best KODANSHA KANJI READERS doesn't list that 「匂う」, so that
I can't know its sound and lettering: would you mind writing
it in romaji too?...many thanks again.


Re: 海匂い

匂う=におう=niou in Romaji です。


<匂わナイ 匂いマス、匂う、匂うトキ、匂ヘバ、匂う>



Re: 海匂い

oh oh...野暮学生です、ね!

Re: 海匂い



Re: 海匂い

そうです・・・。 御世話に成りました、