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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

once again, following a serious and repeated request by some friends:
I’ve been more and more asked to "please, post something ITALIAN,
at last!"...so, this trittico was composed with three sonnets by
the three perhaps most famous friends of our literature: Lapo Gianni,
Dante Alighieri, Guido Cavalcanti – I chose three very similar things,
according and answering one another (sort of a medieval western renga)
as they all say of love’s sorrows, and of hope in a peaceful different
dreamt world to live in and enjoy all together, with their loved ones.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- graphia: "miniscula italica secunda" (approx. first quarter of XV century);
- calamus: seagull's medium rower (left wing);
- ink: "ferro-gallico", with olive cenders and arabic gum;
- support: handmade Amalfi paper sheet (silk 60%/cotton 40%) three-cut;
- colours: terræ (siena, burnt umber), temperæ (outremer, viridian);
- gilding: 23.1/3 kts. gold leaf on gesso, burnt apart.

I suppose it won’t be a problem, for you all, to search these three texts
in translation to (all) your languages on the web – if you really NEED me to
type them apart, among comments, just let me know...but please believe it’s
not an easy promise I’m doing – who could dare and try an essay on this?...

Current Music: a damozel playing lute on her balcony

oh my...another excellent piece. i so enjoy learning about your media details, which are very important to know. to do such beautiful lettering with a seagull's quill is quite impressive if i may say so. cutting 'any' quill is not an easy task. you have many years of practice i'm sure.

not so many, bette様...it is true that I was born "that way",
but I began to "change" the subject and, if I may say, the
"inner target" I was meant to aim: my research of items and
medias, instead, is lasting since my very early youth...let
me thank you for the compliment, not a flattering by my side,
as after having seen your work I realised how much you could
understand my tracks and "artistic" (sorry) meanings.

contraria curantur contraris!!!! mi piace, sai? in russo si dice: клин клином вышибают)))

ottimo lavoro, come sempre!

grazie, fifi様...sempre troppo gentile, un complimentONE!
il motto latino è CONTRARIA CONTRARIS CURANTUR...e certo,
sembrerebbe non troppo adatto al folio, ma in realtà è proprio
così,no? le pene d'amore curano l'amore...e mi piaceva scriverlo.