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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
my bonsai maple

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


waga shiku mo
momiji no uchi ni
yonde miru

in the maple’s foliage I try to read my verses too

Current Music: paolo conte, "madeleine"

Lovely photo! :) We have two Japanese maples in our yard, one of them right next to our bedroom window -- all dark-red leaves now ...

thank you, although (for once) this time I prefer
my 句 to the image...I'm longing to see my maple
goin' darker, to steal him a better photograph.


Ciao Kamome

Great momiji and a subtle rustle of the ku!

You know, last year I got a dry momiji leaf as a present inside the haiku almanac where I was first published. So I can relate to you ku...literally... :)))

sorry, forgot to log-in

thanks for coming: sit with me and "literally"
enjoy this chatty maple garden, tsikori様! ;D

ramage d'automne - je perds mon regard comme un arbre ses feilles...

je trouve ça très beau, fifi!...c'est combien que je ne te
lisais plus? je sais, ma faute, j'aurais du t'envoyer mes
files...mais j'ai des difficultés à choisir, tu sais, je ne
peux pas décider lesquels, OUF!...ben, je dois le faire tout
de suite enfin, ne?...ok, sous semaine! :)

c'est pas ta faute, mon cher, c'est la mienne... j'ai pas le gout pour rien d'autre qu'un Monsieur italien, you know... en + y a trop de taf au bureau....

attends qch de toi... ou bien mintenant quand j'ai mon pc du bureau je peux choisir moi-meme qch dans mon photoalbum? keske t'en penses???

ben ça serait mieux, certes, dès que tu
connais mieux que moi les personnes et
leurs goûts...mais je crois aussi avoir
en archive quelques choses que tu ne
connais pas, et que je trove en général
une présentation assez claire - oh ok,
attends quelques jours, pas plus, et tu
vas voir...merci d'avance!

Lovely capture

the maple leaves
transform in colors
with the changing season

Re: Lovely capture

lovely capture,
having thy deep words and eyes
to rest on my page.

Re: Lovely capture

WOW! I didn't know you are so very beautiful!)))

Re: Lovely capture

oh, BLUSH BLUSH....so very kind of you, thanks!
;P eh eh eh! ;P

I am not hihi, my dear, I am fifi! espacially for you! FI DONC! mi stai sempre prendendo in giro! vai meglio a vedere il mio ultimo haiku scritto in un terribile periodo di NOIA...meme plus que ca.... mouais... une fois dit, ca va mieux deja...)))

...mmmmseeeh, "terribile noia....plus que ça" - mam'selle
la fifinette, mon HIHI c'était justement à cause de cela! ;P
ok, j'y vais tout de suite...ah, "vai PIUTTOSTO", notre
MEGLIO n'a pas ce sens du MIEUX français... HIHIHI! :D

ps: mais enfin, c'est pas MOI qui ai écrit "you are so very beautiful", ne!
;P ;P ;P

I would love to have a kimono with this pattern. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to do, and, besides, I can't wear one! But it's so beautiful...

The haiku is very good, too; but this time for me the image is more impressive.

thank you as usual for usual too many compliments, but
well...THIS is a very peculiar thing to be heard!...so
WHY couldn't you wear a kimono, or anything else?

I don't think I could wear kimono because they say it's a hard thing to do and you have to learn that since childhood! Isn't that true? I don't think I would be able to move while wearing it :)

well I personally miss this experience, so I cannot say...yes,
I suppose it must be something truly hard - but I was just
mumbleing about of HOW pretty it would look if worn by you... ;P

Mine is some amber room, because of maple leaves behind the window.

what a nice "atmosfera" and mood must be there
in your lucky room, vash様...it can enjoy of
both the lights of reddish maple and yours...!