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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


yume no shima
aki no noumu ni

the isle of dreams - hidden by autumn dense mists

Current Music: alan stivell, "an tri marrak"

how masterfully you have painted the infinite ocean with the cliffs in the horizon? your talent is beyond words.

the tides rise and fall
just as thoughts appear and fade
life, a fleeting mist

thoughts may fade like fog,
but two tides will never fall
along next spring paths:
the soundtrack o'thy voice's song,
the lamplight o'thy clear eyes.

...this funny waka is to thank you - but next time
I'll bring my scissors, and cut off from your WOW
dictionary lots of too nice words..."masterfully"? (:°

I made up that word. I do that here and then. It is fun!

so I will have to accept it anyway...well,
wick様、どうも有難うございました! ;P

The autumn mists is an exciting image...

It is fine as always.

thank you, irisha様, and welcome back: it feels good
to read you again...aah, always so very kind of you!

Is it your paining?? Great! Howm any-sided you are. I like the foreground most of all.
And what is the isle of your dreams? That rock far off?

...just needed to be forgiven for the previous and
"not-all-that-good" work, taysha様, eh eh!...yes,
it's my hands - thanks once again, no more than an
old, neved-ended small tableau that I began to love
just as it was, asleep for months on my painting stand,
so I decided that its main charm was right that being
incomplete and "suspended"...glad you liked it, and I'll
add one thing: I use to paint unexistant spots which are
TOTALLY similar to existing ones, but NOT the same: dream
and memory places, which every fruitor can charge with his
own moods - yes, that isle is real, but it's not THERE...