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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
hand in hand

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


aki samuku
te wa te ni ande
hi o sagasu

autumn goes cold
a hand intertwining to a hand
in search of the sun

beyond the highly probable eventuality of writing a wrong japanese, I want to say
that I willingly chose 「hi・日」 instead of the more precise 「taiyou・太陽」, which is
the correct for "sun": it is obvious, as a first choice because of the metric reason,
but mostly because I was truly meant to say by that:
"I long for a new day, through the touch of your hand".

zumi先生 suggests this version, which may suit better, as "ande" means mainly KNITTING:

aki samuku
te o kumi awasete
hi o sagasu


Current Music: a windy silent september night

I remember this photo, Kamome san -- there is a charming elegance in this figure... And your haiku is evocative, and yes -- it does fit to this picture very nicely! Enjoyed it very much :)

And moreover -- I just love your words above the image: "a windy silent September night" ! What a beautiful poetic phrase! It seems to me that your inner world is woven from the *poesia* -- which I am sure comes from the fascinating beauty of *divina Italia* ... :)

Oops! :)

"woven with poesia", I wanted to say :)

Re: Oops! :)

thanks, dear origa様, although I can't see all that "italianità" in
me...ok, I'm perhaps a true bad charactered grumpy misanthrope,
but I should sincerely say (and I LIVE here) that, looking around
myself, I often happen to re-discover how the nice quality you
mentioned is nowadays no more than a stereotyped figure...which
gives fuel to my presumption, as I begin to really believe I'm
a "poet", LOL! ;D
(that photograph is actually "intriguing" me since the first time
I've seen it - SO geometrically sensuous, SO emotionally peculiar!)

Re: Oops! :)

I agree, when we live here, we tend to take many things for granted, and do not always appreciate the beauty surrounding us ...

What a figure! And haiku and a para of them - I like it!

mh mh, taysha様...you can read the same right above:
well, we don't think WORDS, we think IMAGES at last,
and it feels good to "re-create" words to tie them,
isn't it?...thanks, you're always so very kind!

""SO geometrically sensuous, SO emotionally peculiar!""

you've expressed this image beautifully. what a marvelous photo. what kind of vine is it?


ciao, bette様...I really do not know as the photo
is not mine, I "stole" it somewhere - but thanks
for your kind comment...and let me please say that
without nice ears to harvest them even the nicest
words would go rotten and lost...thank you again.

that reminds me a lot of a picture my father took of a string figure he created and mounted on a chopstick. he's currently translating tu fu poetry, which may not be japanese, but this entry really makes me think of his interests.

oh, and i've added you. meant to do that a LONG time ago, hope you add me back :-)