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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

we all happen to be childish, don’t we?...so this comes after one of my lazy, half-sleepy
sunday afternoons spent on the easy sofa, watching TV and childishly enjoying "SAYONARA",
a very old Marlon Brando movie - a sad, nice, well done one which made me very seriously
thoughtful, against the childishness...may I suggest you all to search for, and watch it
again? I think it can be an amazing experience, also for those who don't know it yet...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


himegimi no
kami ni sumire o
mitai kana

"..oh, I would like so very much to see these violets in your hair, my princess..."

some days after, corrections - or shall I better say suggestions from zumi先生, to whom my usual
「大層有難い」...but I think I won't be able to use of them as I'm not skilled enough, so I'll just add
a couple of lines here to explain the thing...ok then, I should correctly say in a truly classic japanese
「見らるる哉」 "can I see...?" (6 syllables) or 「見ん哉」 "shall I see...?"(4 syll.); I could also choose
「見んと欲す」 "I want to see" or 「見る望む」 "I try to see", but I think I will follow zumi先生's main
suggestion, which is to ask sakuo先生 about that.

Current Music: a kabuki performance "soundtrack"

You are VERY talented and gifted! Did you do that after the movie?

I have not seen that movie yet, perhaps will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

thanks, wick様...yes, I did it after hearing this same
sentence in a soundtrack background song (but it was
in english)...AND the actress - whose name I don't know,
but whom I found a true beauty in some strange glancy
way, she was sweet to my lazy sleepy eyes - always wore
small prettiest elegantISSIMI flowers in her hair: all my
compliments to the coiffeur and the costume designer!... ;D

your poem and painting are playful and lighthearted. violets protray exactly that! i will have to see this movie you mention. thank you for sharing your beauty.

a flood of compliments, wow...I only felt as I needed
a lil'of springtime back! and you'd better deserve them
to Brando and the beautiful movie, bette様... eh eh eh!

Gabbiano, this is very nice, smelling of spring and wet warm earth - thank you for sharing the violets! Now I do want to see the movie!

glad you enjoyed, mushi様...I knew YOU would feel
earth and water and warmth through that... ;P

I didn't see the movie, but I can still appreciate the painting ... :)

:) thank you!