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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
selvaggia 1

I have just written these two 俳句 – half a joke, half a souvenir
of somewhere sometime somehow back in my life – for our newest
「俳句躍りパーチ」 ・"haiku dancing party" at origa様’s, where I hope
to meet and read all of us - for now, here is my little contribution
of an "after-dancer"...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


mai no ato
gitaa wa hanasu
boku ni dake

after the dance – my guitar speaks only for me


mai owatta
maihime wo matte

after the dance I stay - waiting for the dancing girl

ps: the first 俳句 was changed after corrections kindly coming by Zumi先生;
I'm trying now also to change the second one, according to her suggestions.
waiting for that, in the meanwhile, here are some other 俳句 on the same
dancing theme I dared try again, in brazilian and italian:

macia canção
eu preciso aprender
prá você dançar

(a soft song I wish to learn, for you to dance)

ballano, scalzi,
I vecchi pescatori
al chiar di luna

(barefoot, they dance - old fishermen in the moonlight)

Current Music: me and Selvaggia playing our own one

the artwork is astounding.

after the dance I stay - waiting for the dancing girl

after the dance
beads of sweat in the forehead
guitar player strums

"artwork", wow...thanks for the compliments, wicky様 - but
it's just a photo I worked on with the computer items for imaging...
FAR nothing to compare with that SO pretty face
I finally can see, instead of that anonymous yellow flower! ;D
...and your lines too are a pretty camera click, my dear
NEWLYFACED - although I have never been that kind of a
player, sweated and hammering my hyperloved wooden mate... :D

A very nice contribution, Kamome san -- thank you again for this beautiful and evocative piece of art! :)

end of the dance --
melancholy ehcoing
to his guitar


your lines are splendid as well, origa様...please forgive
me for this unkind "anticipation": I couldn't resist to
post it here...I'm a clown sometimes, I know! :(

That's what you're supposed to do, Kamome san -- to post your work, wherever it's been created, in your LJ -- this is what the "showcase" is about! :)

We are probably all the same "clowns", hahaha :)))))) I think we sometimes must take ourselves ironically, and you can do it so well -- you are cheered to the echo!!! :)

ciao, caro! ci sentiamo oggi durante la giornata? stasera vado ad Irina ma fino alle 6-7 (Moscow time) sono qui....

se posso, certamente: ho una visita specialistica questo
pomeriggio (16.30 mediterranean time, eh eh) e poichè
siamo in italia, sono prenotato da più di due mesi...
ma spero di avere un po' di tempo per entrare online,
magari più tardi, dopo il doujyou: stasera ho la mia
"séance" di lune e spade...such a busy man, ね? ;P

What speaks

Renku for my guitar's haiku.

二人の喜び二人の秘密 futari no yorokobi futari no himitu

Joy of us
and our secret


Re: What speaks


Second - :)) and - !

countless :D and 有難う !