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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
wind on bamboo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

竹 さながらは 

aki kaze ni
take sanagara wa
ki o tsukeru

through autumn wind like bamboo I fold

I don't like this page - or, I'd better say, I don't like my writing hand
in this old work...as friends would have already noticed, I have posted TWO
similar ones of this kind, and now left here the second, but all the same...:
when I made that, years ago, there still was in me the too strong trend to
write also my japanese in "better than printed" letter shapes - I mean, to
do something too similar to a "western" idea of what a good scribe should be
able to realise: so, such a bad tendency always gave me back horrid, heavy,
goofy results in my many 書道 poor essays, just like the one above...but I'm
posting it beyond all, and right in this bad september, because I like this
俳句 I wrote in that far worse september, and whose nihongo, till today, I don't
even know if correct - I hope I will be once again forgiven after this too personal

Current Music: neil diamond, "september morn"

Very impressive! What or when was the turning point in your life to study the Japanese arts? Just curious. Were you living in Japan?

thank you...unfortunately, although I could see
more than 3/4 of this world, Japan still remains
one of my few favourite and "unknown" countries...
about my "being" japanese, I think that the tense
TO BE is the most real answer I can give to your
uneasy question, wica様...I am often told, and I
myself don't know whether by joke or comment, that
I AM in a wide measure a japanese - I consider this
a very great honour, so please believe me if I say
that I cannot answer, or don't remember, or ALWAYS

But I like this page - the bamboo is fine! And haiku too.
I hope you are as bamboo can grow (inwardly certainly) many centimeters a day :))

thanks, my cheerful taysha様...oh, that
would be a SO outsized growth! ;D

a very beautiful painting, my friend. i understand that you are not happy with your calligraphy, but it is a progress of your lovely growth. i'm glad you decided to share it with us. just as the bamboo grows, strengthens, and bends (folds) in forgiveness. i really like the brown ink you've used. your bamboo leaves, stalk strokes, and haiku are very good and presented well in this diptych.

bless you,

thanks lots, kindest of you as always, bette様...I just posted that
because of the idea, me and the bamboos folding together while the
winter wind already calls for its soon coming - and it really is a
bad calligraphic moment, both the folia I have done: I hope to become
some better, as you say...yes, to grow on - thanks again for this very
appreciated wish you expressed!

oh! ca, ca me plait beaucoup! je le veux!)))))))))))

ben, je te l'envoie tout de suite - non, mieux, je vais
le joindre aux autres que je devrais envoyer à ton ami
pour son livre...ok? j'espère pouvoir le faire au plus
tôt, j'ai à présent SI tellement peu de temps à dédier
à "nos" interêts!...

c'est idee d'une fenetre (brisee?)...oh... la realite avec sec confins...tres reussi, cher Kamome...

merci...je n'avais pas l'idée d'une fenêtre, mais cela
me semble assez près de quelques pages que j'ai faites:
et ça sent du Magritte aussi, peintre que j'aime à la
folie...peut-être une répetition/copie freudienne? ;D

I like this one most of all!
Beautiful, beautiful! so exquisite and so simple, and I like the way you have used two separate sheets for the composition.

It's breathtaking in its simple elegance.

your words are breathtaking, as always, mushi様:
too much for too a simple (and NOT beautiful)
old work...it's not false modesty, I actually
find it childishly impulsive - but thank you:
it is good to know that it gives you pleasure!

I like the poem very much. It implies everything you mentioned in your commentary to it.
Only a part of bamboo can be this color. Only a part, thanks God...

thanks, but...for once, I must admit I haven't
understood YOUR comment - or at least not TOTALLY,
but I won't allow myself suppositions or wrong
"lectures"...better ask the writer: ?!?

Bamboo is always green...
And it bends, all right, but... You know.

oh...it would be some hard to say of me
"green"! :D but thank you for the kind
gardeneer's support ;D

As far as I can judge by the posted photo, dear Kamome-san - where you are with the sword - you don't need much support. So, it goes without saying, you ARE like bamboo...


September morn
We danced until the night
Became a brand new day
Two lovers playing scenes
From some romantic play
September morning
Still can make me feel that way ...

I like this song so much Ka'!
Can I write Italian or I must use my bad English?
Your blog is so international...a melting pot!
Great...as all your works!

ようこそ、愛子様、どうも有難うもう!  yes, it's one of
my favourite songs and texts...your english needs
no comments, it's quite good, and our "melting pot"
is a kind judge to every language features, as you
can appreciate by yourself... ;D

I like this art very much. I like such compositions (not concerning your hand letters - I don't read Japanese nor English) with shifted images, going through some frames - it's very nice! There are some pieces and a whole world in one. I wonder this simplicity and viewfulness (probably no such English word but I want to say it for you :) It's like a haiku itself.
And I like your haiku by written words too.

A question: why do you write your English translation in a line? Because this is not same haiku as original and only its meaning, is it? Very often I meet else: Japanese haiku is written in a line with its English translation/version in three lines...

I wonder... with or not clearly understood comment - my English is bad, sorry.
My best regards!

welcome to my LJ, diev様. your english is quite clear,
no need to feel any sorry about it: I enjoyed so much
that VIEWFULLNESS! whether it exists or not, it says so
evidently what you were meant...many thanks indeed for
your kind compliments.
there's a reason for not writing the english translation
in a similar haiku form: I do believe that all essays in
haiku, right because of their same birth and self-declared
nature, should obviously keep the metric and rythm - which
would mean to write TWO haiku, perhaps on the same subject,
but NEVER possibly within the same quality of FEELING...as
you can see in a splendid "multi-translation" page on our
friend Origa様's LJ, the same theme was moved to some 40
and more languages - but you won't find the same "inner
reaction" into yourself...translator/traitor, extremely
true and valid for EVERY poetry form!
finding the japanese version written along only ONE line
is probably to be searched in an all-japanese attitude
or habit, which also NEVER sees diacritic signs, commas
and so on...these last ones, a pretty trick that I myself
sometimes happened to apply, when my own japanese was not
as good as to BUILD the haiku in a better correct fluency.
thank you again anyway, please feel always the welcome.

this moment I show your pages to my family before taking off to Italy in August 15. especially I wanted to show this art work of yours. my wife and son are quite wondering (like me) by it and would like to get a copy (if possible) of it... I hope to meet you in Amalfi somewhen from August 16 till 28 when it will be arranged by our hosting friends in Italy. we with son hope to take a tour to Vesuvio :)

ciao, Diev...I do sincerely hope I'll be able
to meet you and your family through the days
you indicate - as you know well, I'm going
along some troubles - and unluckily the page
ypu like so much (?) is no more in my hands:
I hope you will come see me, at home if it's
possible, or allow me to join you somewhere
and offer you some "newborn" page like this
one, made ONLY for you to enjoy - welcome!