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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
my steel moon

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


waga michi o
hagane no tsuki ni

I am driven along my path by a steel moon

the correction on third line's tense is 「導びかれ」,
"michibikare, to be driven on", thanks to zumi先生.

Current Music: the breath of mounting sea tide

thank you for sharing your other beautiful art. what do you call this 'steel moon' art? i like your haiku as well.


tsuki no ha・kamome no tsubasa・ei (en) no mizu
a sword of moon・seagull's wings・waters of eternity

I had already posted one of my FOLIA herein, oki様, also
featuring this "strange me"...just scroll back, and you
will read the same lines of above: a steel silvery sword,
two white silvery wings, the silvery crescent moon, pards
along my blue night flight - so do you find it, although
unusual, a too hard and pretentious comparison?...
thank you for being here again, oki様, too big compliment!

Such Wonderful comparisons and I saw them right away when I saw your photo! my question was...is this Kendo, Kenjutsu, or Iaido/Iaijutsu? I would love to see you perform :)))

it's iaidou 「居合道」, dear oki様, the "dance with the sword"...
and obviously, who would be as fool as to "fight" like in kendou,
holding one some 75 cms razor in his hands? ;D and I would be
very embarrassed, being watched by friends while "performing":
I'm afraid I am a goofy as well, there...

"the dance of the sword" sounds so beautiful and i can imagine the silver moon dancing gracefully. i am not familiar with these types of sword art, but now i will research "iaidou" and learn about it! i would be embarrassed to be watched, too! ;-)

oh my.....)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

...I agree...

Yes - oh, my god! What a ascetic but picturesque view - both of them, haiku and photo :)

....well, I sincerely thought I would find this
page filled with "EEEEEEEEK!" and "BLEACH!"... ;D

I recognize this look of full concentration and inner silence. Whatever is your way, you’re going it in great shape, Kamome!

hey...this is maybe the very first time I can hear
somebody saying that MY SHAPE IS GREAT...yippeeee!

Wow!!! Stunning image...I agree with summerki.....great shape...!

And that image "steel moon" just perfect...~P

"hyperblush!" (:§ "hyperblush!"

This is an image of a strong dancer!
Also, it looks like a good staged photo.
I would like to see that dance very much. Do you by chance have a video?

well you can find some on the web, and thanks the Being
not of ME, they wouldn't be a dance for true!...I think
anyway that what I called a "dance" may appear as something
too much mechanic and formally organised to the eyes of
non-japanese or not-accustomed people...you know, the KATA
are conceived to be accomplished in the most severe RIGORE,
and this is often seen like no more than a simple repeated
sequence of rigid movings...

I know.
There is beauty in martial arts. Human body (any body) is always at best when it is collected and alert...

That's a beautiful portrait.
The image of steel moon is fascinating; that makes me think of motion which seems ever so slow and smooth, but which is, in fact, inconceivably fast.

thanks to the friend who took the photo...I have a strange,
opposite "mental image" instead: I do naturally agree with
what you say about fastness, but the moment I visualize in
my mind (maybe after the "painter attitude" always alive
in me) is usually an absolute immobility...sort of a sudden
total life's stillness, where only the rythm of breathe can
be felt - either of one being AND of the world he lives in.