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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
in the mirror

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aki no gogo
furui kagami ni
tobu rashii

autumn afternoon – I feel like flying in an old mirror

(very peculiar 俳句 tonight, to say a very peculiar mood)

corrections..."to feel like flying" is said 「飛びたい」,
or「飛びたい気がする」, so that the third line was written
by zumi様 as 「飛び込むか」, "tobikomuka: shall I fly?"

Current Music: vinicius de moraes & toquinho, "turbilhão"
Re: :о))

my post was only a joke, valeria様、I know you like this haiku
because of its sense of lonely sadness, and I'm glad I could
remind you something you had treasured in the number of your
best childhood souvenirs...thanks for this website address too,
I will go visit as soon as I have time enough to look at it
well, and appreciate its features.

Re: :о))

vash is VA(leria)SH 様... ;D