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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
in the mirror

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aki no gogo
furui kagami ni
tobu rashii

autumn afternoon – I feel like flying in an old mirror

(very peculiar 俳句 tonight, to say a very peculiar mood)

corrections..."to feel like flying" is said 「飛びたい」,
or「飛びたい気がする」, so that the third line was written
by zumi様 as 「飛び込むか」, "tobikomuka: shall I fly?"

Current Music: vinicius de moraes & toquinho, "turbilhão"

your great. add me

thank you for your kind visit and the too "great"
compliment, jamesing様: please feel the welcome.

c'est genail, Kamome. juste genial.
(et ne me dis pas stp que je te fais un TRES GRAND compliment, ca m'enerve ta modestie, tu sais? LOL)))

mais ca, c'est VRAIMENT genail.

oh...tu me fais un très grand compliment! merci bien, fifi様... (;P

I like it! Mistic feeling....

thank you, taysha様...yes, it really was something
alike, the deep sensation of time against Time...

Gorgeous bird, and a really fanatstic shot, Kamome san! How have you done this? Amazing ... And the ku is quite intruiging, and -- yes, peculiar :) The whole piece is refreshing in our haiku world!

always kindest of you, origa様...may I introduce you
my favourite "postbird", Fletcher君? as lots people
have carrier-pidgeons as "postmen", I often happen to
ask my white relatives to take messages for me, mainly
to the Persons I love the best, so that maybe I'm the
only carrier-seagulls manager the whole world through...

That's beautiful. I love the image of old mirror, it's so true...

Can you please send me some sea air through your seagull-mail?

your wishes are orders for me, mushi様: just ask, and It
will be done before you stop speaking...you only need to
go check your own LJ page, that one filled with wings...

Beautiful wings!

Fletcher used to look in the mirror. Once he flu into it, and became Rehctelf...

LOL))) cool)))

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What an image...! So close , so much movement...Beautiful...~P

thank you, choshi様...although it's Fletcher I'd need
to thank before, for the kindness of allowing the image:
I often and seriously think that it's my "white ones" who
deserve all the compliments I go stealing to myself...

very beautiful

I like autumn... and seagulls...
I said too much about both of them, only in russian... yet :)

...one of my mirrors is about 100 years old...
it have the same color (i mean the sky)

Re: very beautiful

"one of your mirrors"?...oh oh - I can image this nice
long-haired woman, worn in purple and sitting in the middle
of a forest of glasses, which surround her with thousands
images of her Beauty... ;P

ps: I WANT all what you wrote about me, in translation! ;D