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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


gaitou wa
arashi kite kara
kesareta ya

lamp posts been turned off - because of the storm coming

I know there apparently isn't a kigo...but everyone who had ever lived
in a little sea town knows so well such an autumn moment - that wet,
cold mood in a white and blue palette, the storm hanging in the air like
a small seagull's feather - carried on by some still light breeze blow,
among reddish leaves and old newspapers pages gently floating...

a correction comes by zumi 先生, the third line must be
written as 「消されたり」, "kesaretari": どうも有難う、先生。

Current Music: a blue, cold silence

dear yorukamome,
the silence of the sky kissing the sea before a storm turns my brown eyes blue. i can feel the coolness in the air and hear your the news of the day flutter :) thank you for sharing your beautiful photo and moment.

so kind of you, b_oki様...the pic is not mine, just a nice
sort of wallpaper I've found somewhere...but it's totally
similar to these early afternoons I'm describing above:
I also have some photos I myself have taken, like that,
but I thought this one was clearer, as one already
"technically" conceived to be shown on computers.
and...what a mighty storm, to change your deep eyes
from that soft friendly brown to this wintery blue!

What a drama in the sky! with the sea calmly watching...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
A sea and a desert

Opposites meet...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: A sea and a desert

Absolutely so, dear Kamome-sama...

I like it how you explain everything. The way you put words together... I wish I could do the same.

...and then comes "differance".

Re: A sea and a desert

you DO, vale様, no need to wish...shall I remind
you that a car needs fuel to move on? so please
consider me the car...it is evident how your fuel
suits excellently, which means it is SO similar to
the engine it feeds...

Re: A sea and a desert

Aha, a kind of conherence, dear Kamome-sama. :о))

Re: A sea and a desert

Coherence, of course.

Re: A sea and a desert

yes, right what mostly hit me - even in a photo I took
several years ago, such a sea giving the idea of a wide
desert, where to walk over for miles in a total loneliness...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

true, extremes coïncide, opposites meet...the
most ancient idea of equilibre and peace, the
truest way to figure KI and VIBRATION - a snake
biting its tail, the circle painted in a single
stroke of wrist by the haijin and shodou sensei:
same as flying south to north, west to east, and
find along the flight the same starting point, or
its opposite - where my unknown, identical, contrary
twin is doing the same on the other way...

With the posts deleted I'm a little confused whether I responded or not.

The ancient Yin & Yang symbol - ideal balance...

I agree...I, too,often happen not to remember: oh, well, and
I hope to be allowed, without being considered a too "intrusive" one...my @mailbox is on my main page, if you like to use of it!

Thank you, dear Kamome-sama. In some ideal world I would've been a very intrusive pen-friend, with all those questions I like to ask, risky generalizations, and all kinds of thoughts about ontological loneliness of a mortal human being in a small black dress. But reality is so, that I've got this very temperamental everyday magazine on my shoulders www.topos.ru, and I already write 101 letters a day, and read like about 1000 pages on the monitor... It sums up to the situation that I don't have enough time to enjoy lj as much as I'd like. You must have noticed that already - my inconsistent and erratic writing.
Some day I would probably write you a letter - you never know what can happen...

"you never know"...? oh no, I know well instead!
I AM NOT those 101, MY pages are not those 1000:
so, my smartdressed, glamourous, temperamental,
ontologically inconsistent and ERRATIC Lady, I'm
sure that I will see you flying very soon along this
shore..."time"isn't but an illusion, ね? SKREEEEEEK!

That is do true, dear Kamome-sama. That is why I befriended you first. Which is a rare deed, indeed.
I wish I had more time and much clearer head for unhurried walks along your magic shore...

vash様...it's rare for me too, to be so friendly opened,
I'm a total grumpy bird - but I, too, find time to be
here - and I too would like it more unhurried, and with
the same "clearer head" to offer more...

Birds of feather flock together. Although... as far as I am concerned, flocking is not my strong side. :о))

nice and humourous image, vash様, and thanks for reminding
me, how, like all other living beings, belong after all to
some group of similar ones...but to FLOCK is just a simple
aggregation in order to survive, whereas to MEET is sharing
the two proudnesses, deepnesses, bravenesses of an unique
"single with single flight together"...

Dear Kamome-sama, you put it nicely. You impress me as a unique person of enormous deepness and subtleness. Yes, flocking has nothing to do with us - it was a joke, and also an attampt to have your credo reiterated. :о)

ok, but just for you - no need to say TOO ALOUD
and TOO OFTEN all this burning crystal diamond
of sensations and moods whose my "credo" isn't
but a modest mirror...neither any need to "show"
to YOU - which is not a little! - my so called
ENORMITY: maybe you won't believe this, but you
and a very few other Persons do really know how
to seriously embarrass me, among the so many
apparently saying the same things...and I think
this is one of main the reasons for I'm still
here on LJ: beautiful hearts and deep minds of
splendid Persons...and some of them, more than that.

Thank you, too :о))

Well, free and unrestrained expression - that what it is... not some kind of camp...

A lot of atmosphere in this picture ...

mmmmh, origa様...the dark half of year is rapidly
coming back, and I hate that, even if it introduces
itself with admirable colours and moments...mmmmh