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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
winter scent

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fuyu kaori
furui tegami o
yonde iru

winter scent, while reading an old letter

Current Music: simon&garfunkel, "bookends"

I can feel it like a chill running down my spine...

that's exactely what I felt, when reading...but the
chill came after some lines, it began with a dense
sadness - then the sudden cold frozing my hands on
the old paper sheet, as if it had grown from eyes
to heart...

t'es SPLENDIDE comme d'habitude...write you TODAY, promis!

...ben, mais comment peut-on encore te croire, mam'selle
"fifi様"?...ca fait des mois que tu es fort remarquablement
DESAPARECIDA, ね!...ce n'est pas justement avec ces beaux
compliments-là que tu pourras te faire pardonner, tu sais...

I like it - two senses of first line are well readen. Breathe of cold...

...yes, taysha様, just a breath of cold running from
the eyes all along the whole body, as mushi様 wrote...

Ciao Kamome san, here I am fianlly (what a mix of languages! :))

This is a very impressive poem, the two words "winter scent" create the whole atmosphere in this haiku. How powerful yet minimal -- I think it's one of your best! As for the calligraphy, I know nothing about it, it's just seem to me that some elements might have been painted less rigid... with thinner lines perhaps. I got the feeling of "massiveness", and some kind of a "solid" calligraphy... But, you shouldn't pay attention to this since I very likely am wrong, for as I said, I am no a specialist, whatsoever :)))

Have you visited the page with the Japanese calligrapger Kaji Aso's work (I gave it to you a while ago)?

thanks again for coming and for compliments, origa様.
yes I have, I also wrote you some lines after visiting your page
about the Kaji Aso先生 stage, saying I had appreciated (and envied):
I am therefore paying to your comments their deserved attention!
I need to admit that being a western scribe induces me very often
to try many "different essays" in writing - so that, as well as I
always give personal interpretations of all the most classical
(and so highly formal) GRAPHIÆ, either I often find myself
"carried" to try essays within all the "different hands"
I have seen in many japanese (not only poetry) domains...
...this time, my attention was captured by some "heavier" forms
and hands: so, when writing this 俳句 , I tried to show by the
stroke itself the "thickness of written words", against the
letterpaper's lightness and "impermanence" - well, it seems
now evident how I didn't hit my target...do you really find
it too an hazardous essay?
(Reply to this)

So, that was intentional, eh? :))) And I got caught in this trap of yours!!! :)))))) Well, I should think better next time, before making remarks, he-he!

Sorry I didn't remember you mentioned something about the site where Kaji Aso's painting was -- my apology ...

I am writing you right now, please check your email box :)

oooh...it was not a trap! ;D I think I need to say something about
that, so thanks for giving me this occasion to speak of it - as you
can see, no matter what text I do choose, either mine or everyone
else's, and belonging no matter what century or literary moment:
the only thing totally according to the historical choice is the
(well, I'd say "the FORMAT") - I mean, the total respect of fixed
graphics and shapes and "hands", which I interpretate my own and
absolutely personal way...so that you could find my folio in every
library, but it NEVER is a copy, I try to realise ORIGINALS, and
the only attention I pay to the text is for the "meaning nature"
of it, which is the origin of the choice I do about one graphia
or another, one "style" or another...I just try to do the same
with japanese text - that's why I haven't posted till now but
that Basho's "mono ieba": I'm scared of being TOO MUCH personal,
and be seen as a "de-naturation" of classical texts in haiku...

I think I understand what you mean by fixed graphic and shapes and "hands"... Looking again at the calligraphy, I feel the "heaviness" of the "winter scent" stronger ... Thank you very much for the educational explanation, Kamome san! :)

oooooh..... :§ blush! blush!..... ;D

Beau-ti-ful. Everything. Phonetically it is very beautiful, too. As far as I can read Japanese in English.

oooooh..... :§ blush! blush!.... ;D (2)