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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the sunburnt shell

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


kaigara ni
sekai wa kiete
aki no suna

autumn sands – the world vanishing in a conchshell

current meanings of 「消・shou, kesu, ki(eru)」 are "extinguish, turn off, disappear, melt away",
but the main one is related to the exhausting of a fire, a flame - so I tought that "vanish"
would suit better, as the image of a world slowly fading in the greys of rainy wet autumn
sands and cenders of a ugly half-burnt shell.

Current Music: dulce pontes, "canção do mar"

Hi Kamome

The shell will be a good home for it - with its spiral shape :)

I do totally agree, tsikori様...we are always so taken
in its spirals that it would be good for once to enjoy
IT in a vortex we can watch by the outer side......ね?

Nice photo and ku, Kamome san! This time, you didn't insert hyerogliphs in the field of the photo? :)

two the reasons for, origa様...my "delicate" eye was having
some doubts and troubles to choose a shape and a colour for
the kanji script which might suit well the nature itself of
this sandy background - then, the idea of a total wide, where
only deadgrey ashes and a bone-burnt shell had survived, filled
my mind...such a far different mood, this sudden cold, aridly
and completely drying out all feelings, forms, lights, thoughts...
...どうも有り難うございます for the kind compliment, indeed!

Very Interesting! Kamome-sama, what does it mean - "autumn sands"? Autumn beach, leaving alone by people and birds?

...oh, well, taysha様, it feels good to know I hit my target,
showing my real physical image and sensation: yes, you're right,
and more...you know, I was born 20mts. far from the shore, and
I am accustomed to "feel and know" what kind of weather and sea
I'll have out there, when I jump off my bed early in the morning,
even without seeing...so I try sometimes to say what this means
for my senses, body and mind - "autumn beach", yes, the mood
of a total solitude, a foggy curtain on that so lively summery
world of just one week ago, whose dry skeleton is the only
souvenir left - or this new cleanest cold air blown by a
CAPRICCIOSO LIBECCIO, strongly smelling of salt and fish,
and rain-to-come...

Thank you for such answer - half of it is a poem itself :)

always too kind of you, taysha様... ;D

Nostalgic. There is so much past, and so little future...

maybe you're right...there are moments, along
our path, when we think back and realize how
time is unfortunately not the same as Time,
my dear friend...not nice to feel in, ね?

I was nice to feel in. Sweet sadness.

Actually, you know what I was thinking? Noto Peninsula this April. Our bus drove along the coast, right on the firm sand, then stopped. I jumped off, and the first thing I saw was a big shell in sand, almost like that in your picture. I didn'have red spots. I picked it up.
My friend really liked it, and I gave it to her.
That beach was huge and empty, rather a cool wind... I didn't like it much then. It's now that I like it.
We went to a little very informal seafood bar I'd say, where some fishman's wife served us the freshest sea delicacies one can imagine...
I was sadly thinking that those moments had been gone. I'll most probably never come back to that place.

thank you for sharing this! I left you a line or two... ;D

a stunning image! exquisite photography!

cast into the sands of time
ocean tides

the "sands of time", what a beautiful image...thank you