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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I have repeatedly been asked by many friends to post something "more" - which means I've been
suggested, solicited (and "tickled" I need to admit) to post more of my scribe's work on these
pages...and I have been mumbleing lots about that, as I wasn't too much satisfied by the some
previous steps I have tried on such a "too personal" ground, neither did I feel "serious" by
crossing the haiku territory with so a different path - I decided then to post one, for now,
which I consider truly showing my being 「gabbiano ・かもめ」 , both with image/work and my text:
I hope you all will be so kind to me as to forgive this choice I would have to do, now or later.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I am the road that thou cross'st every day, into thee through thee over thee - the one
with no beginning nor end, which takes thee nowhere, and yet leads thee to every place of
thy mind and senses and heart...yes, I am all thy sensations - the warmth, the gloom, or the
deep quietness that thou feel'st at every sunset…the terrific anxieties through thy stormy
nights, thy breathings in a roseturquoise spring dawn, thy cold lonely shiverings in a rainy
greylead november...

...I am the man from unknown far countries - those ones thou hast always been dreaming, but
never dared to leave to, for thou know'st thou would nevermore be back from...I am the night
with no nightmares nor sorrows - the one thou hast been waiting all of thy time for, but
whose coming thou fear'st, for thou know it would be too beautiful to survive at last...

...I haven't got calm words to say, nor arcane powers, nor magical gestures to soothe
thee - for Truth is never so soft and peaceful...

...I am the most ventured and free seagull who had ever flown in the roseazure of thy dense
pearl sky - on thy soul of tempests and music, of surfs and rocks and sea...I am the most
silvery sharp moonsword to wrap thy hottest desert night of words and passions, I'm the eyes
and the wings, the wind and the earth, I'm soul and body and senses, and all thy deepest
thoughts, all thy crazier sweeter wills of dream and flesh - all this, all together...

...I am the childish happy mistakes made for too much of heart, and yet I know I am the
irreparable faults born in a too serious, too adult mind...I am the arrogant beauty of
every foolish sudden decision I take, and so the proud loneliness of every hard choice
I make - in every solar journey over fire sables, in every nocturnal stroke of my pure white
wings over salty waters, through the clearest strongest sweetest Words of the Being

I am a living Emotion.


What a surprise, dear Kamome-sama!
Thank you very much! Such kind of scribe's work is SO I'd say Gothic that at first, it feels totally un-Japanese. But the more I read and thought about it, the more I saw distinctly Japanese strength, subtleness and emotion. It is beautifully put - image, words, ideas... You ARE very artistic, even if you are humble to admit it. :О)
Fair wind! Always.

PS "Truth is never so soft and peaceful..."
So true!

どうも有り難うございました、valeria様...my very deepest thanks:
not because of your too many compliments, but after just ONE
of your lines, where you said "the more I thought about it,
the more I saw Japanese strength, subtleness and emotion"...

...far more than a pleasant compliment from you, far beyond a
silly presomption of any "skill" by my side, I can see in you
this truest moment, as I know it is in me: so, please, allow
me to think I have offered you the main, central EMOTION of
my whole work and life - and, maybe, of this whole journal,
either as a scribe and a haijin...thank you, valeria様.

God bless you, Kamome!

A man who dares to call himself an Emotion deserves my deepest respect if not admiration.

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful words. Bravo!

oh, so deeply presumptuous, ain't I? I should finally learn, by
all these too passionate and too kind comments...learn how nobody
can dare say the word EMOTION when he doesn't even know the meaning
of the main one among all emotions...the HUMBLENESS, facing these
skies & moons & seawaters - where through, the Being says so clearly
WHAT kind of wings we need, to become beings...
...but I admit I am so very pleased to please the Persons I'm meeting
here - so, I will anyway thank you very very much, my dear suteki様,
and right because "the Truth is never so soft and peaceful"...

Each word as a strong wave of wing, each line has deepness of whale's diving, and phrases are so cleaar and impressive, that flybacks are as equals with the lines.
Brilliantly, dramatic and sincerely at the same time. Kamome-sama, my respect and warm wishes to continue in the same spirit and genre.

now, I can say I am very embarrassed: YOUR words are now
so strong and touching, taysha様! so very much embarrassed
that I feel I can only thank for your wishes...I would truly
like to be able and create such a Beauty as the one YOU have
just painted in this comment...

Dear Kamome,

thank you for sharing this. One must not only be talented but also brave to speak like that of himself. Please accept my sincere admiration.

"I am the night with no nightmares nor sorrows..." - I love this.

Thank you.

thank YOU for being here, mushi様 - you make me proud after things
I hadn't perhaps even noticed in their whole sense while writing
them...and I'm feeling like that since a couple of days, as you
all my friends seem to have very clearer mind and eyes than I do:
you are saying and explaining me gabbiano AND かもめ under a light
that I could never turn on by myself, and alone...thanks by heart.

I am an ENJOYER (OK pedants I know there is no such word) of your writing. It is meaningful, and highly poetic... The art work is absolutely lovely, in addition to being utterly exquisite. I personally haven't seen something like that, in any places (leave alone LJ :-)) You have acquired a big talent, and strength to express yourself in this talent. Way to go, Kamome san! :)))

I was sincerely concerned about the "response" I would get to this
essay by all of you: I felt nevertheless the need of asking all my
friends about the choice of this post, as you surely could already
read everywhere above - I also know I've been too much repetitive
when replying to the so many and many hypercompliments I'm getting
back...sincerely, once again, the unpleasant sensation of NOT being
so a "humble" one is actually scaring me lots: you know I absolutely
don't love such "invitations", and I realize how this time the "thing"
has taken my hand and lead me to such an unfair SELF-SHOW...
...but I would be a true liar, if I said I am not pleased: this is
the biggest part of what I consider my main work as a "writer",
either as texts and images - so I hope you all will forgive me this.

Hi Kamome

I won't embarsass you any further, don't worry. I won't say that you are really a man of many talents and that every time I visit your page I am lost for words. I won't say this... at least out loud...

hi, tsikori様...I will say once again my THANKS instead,
right after this engaging promise you have made...shhh! ;D

Quite beautiful. Both your poetic vision, as well as your art—put me in a higher place. Thank you.

so too kind of you, kwangjse様...thanks for being here.

your most beautiful calligraphy and writing has deeply inspired me. here is my waka gift to you yorukamome...if i may humbly give...i bow to your gift.

Dear gabbiano,
soar to the ink of midnight
with silent wing beat--
deliver thy sacred white quills,
stained with tears from all heavens.

Your claws are like steel
that flow across parchment clouds;
endless seeking gull--
traces of thy bleeding heart
find their places on the pages.

Between lines of ash,
the salty blue sky floats
with strokes of a scribe--
held within sun-guilded gates
that open to thy soul's tune.


御苦労様。 b'oki様の和歌は私に大に楽しみです。


I am the road that thou cross'st every day, into thee through thee over thee - the one with no beginning nor end
the most poignant and pivotal moment of all that I read is the line that is highlighted in bold.
U know what it means...
since U are so blessed to have this knowledge, may your heart soar even furthermore and unto that TRUTH be truthful!
Blessed be...
Words are not sufficient to describe this knowledge in any language.
I think U have been touched by something ...

...again and again, hard for me to find even a few words in reply
to these lines - oh, not because of the compliments, neither of the
anonymate, I know how life and fate often offer unknown voices as a
clearer lighthouse to call us thru our worst blind flights - this time, it's
because of that terribly serious last sentence, "you have been touched"...

...I would be so different, if I could at least know into my soul
and mind that I was able but once to TOUCH MYSELF...I'm feeling so
seriously confused, as I say this "thanks".